Even Sex Is In Crisis in Venezuela, Where Contraceptives Are Growing Scarce

Even Sex Is In Crisis in Venezuela, Where Contraceptives Are Growing Scarce

(Link):  Even Sex Is In Crisis in Venezuela, Where Contraceptives Are Growing Scarce


Yorlenis Gutierrez, a 28-year-old mother, spent months vainly scouring pharmacies for a drug whose scarcity is complicating her sex life and that of countless Venezuelans. In a country beset by shortages, this is one of the hardest: the disappearance of contraceptives.

  When she couldn’t renew her supply of birth control pills, Gutierrez and her husband made a choice. Long-term abstinence was not an option, they agreed.

They tried to be careful, but soon she was pregnant with her second child.

Er, what? Long term abstinence is certainly an option.

I seldom to never feel sorry for people when they make a choice to have sex but then get pregnant, get an STD, or whatever.

When they act as though being celibate longer than a week is a huge, huge burden that cannot be overcome. No sympathy from me.

Continuing with article’s excerpts:

But the shortage of contraceptives has put Venezuelans in a particularly bleak quandary: Have sex — or don’t ?

 For the most part they are, sometimes with dire consequences.

 There are no recent official statistics. But Venezuelan doctors are reporting spikes in the numbers of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases that are adding to the country’s deepening misery.

…. For years, oral contraceptives, IUDs and condoms were available free at many public hospitals or through government programs. But the cash-strapped government has largely suspended those handouts, leaving some forms of contraceptives impossible to find and others prohibitively expensive.

…The shortage, medical experts say, has also fueled an increase in dangerous attempts to terminate pregnancies at home  — not a surprising development given that abortion is illegal in Venezuela except when the mother’s life is at stake.

  Marissa Loretto, an OB/GYN at Caracas’s Concepción Palacios Maternity Hospital, said she recently treated a woman who had tried to induce an abortion by forcing parsley and laundry detergent into her uterus.

The young woman had arrived at the hospital bleeding, and with contractions that ultimately caused a miscarriage. As often happens in such situations, Loretto said, she subsequently suffered an infection.

“We ended up having to remove her uterus,” Loretto said.

..In Venezuela’s macho society, many men refuse to wear condoms anyway. But now that they cost more, experts say, the indexes of unprotected sex are getting even worse.

…Doctors blame the situation for a worrying increase in HIV cases and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes.

…“In my private practice, out of every 10 patients, five or six now have an STD,” she said. “Two years ago it was just two or three.”

Making matters worse, drug shortages are so severe that doctors often lack what they need to treat patients with STDs.

…In Venezuela, birth control usually is left up to the woman — and nowadays, for many, that means the black market or nothing.

Sex is not a biological need. Individuals can live without it.

Masturbation is also not going to produce a baby, and you’re not going to give yourself an STD, so once more, excuse me for not having lots of sympathy for these people getting infections, performing self inflicted abortions, and so on.

Some doofus on the article comment box suggested that anal sex is one short term solution, but no, it is not – a lot of women find that sexual position physically painful and humiliating.

These people do not have to have sex, but are choosing to do so anyway. It. Is. A. Choice.

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