Girlfriend, 26, Chops Off Her 40 Year Old Boyfriend’s Penis With Garden Shears

Girlfriend, 26, Chops Off Her 40 Year Old Boyfriend’s Penis With Garden Shears

One headline I saw for this story (via another site) said the girlfriend claimed this was part of a “sex game.”

I’m trying to feel sorry for this guy, but … I’m on record for despising (Link): May-December Relationships, but my heart just cannot manufacture the cares. Dude should be dating chicks closer to his own age.

Stories like this one sure do make singleness and celibacy look better by comparison.

This (Link): photo (Mirror UK site image link) was used to illustrate one of the articles, though I don’t think it’s the guy in the news story.

(Link):  Woman cuts off musician’s penis and testicles with garden shears

(Link): Woman, 26, ‘chopped off her boyfriend’s penis with a pair of pruning SHEARS as he slept’

(Link): Girlfriend, 26, Chops Off Her 40 Year Old Boyfriend’s Penis With Garden Shears

Nov 27, 2017

A 26-year-old Argentine woman has been arrested after cutting off her lover’s penis with a pair of gardening shears.

Brenda Barattini, an architect, attacked the 40-year-old on Sunday morning in the town of Cordoba while he was asleep, according to local media.

The man was rushed to hospital after losing a large amount of blood but is now in a stable condition.

…Police arrested Barattini and say she has confessed to her crime, Los Andes reports.

…It is unclear whether medics were able to locate the man’s severed genitals and if it will be possible to reattach them.

…It is also unclear what motivated Barattini to carry out such an attack. Investigations are ongoing, police said.

Edit. June 2018.

To Marquinda Witts – who left me a rude comment, calling me a “disgusting, ungodly” person. I trashed your comment.

To Marquinda Witts

Marquinda, you’re a disgusting, ungodly pig.

You’ve obviously never been to my blog before.
I’m not a supporter of May-December relationships. Someone aged 40+ should not be dating a 20-something, that is just gross.

I’ve stated in my anti May-December blog post that I believe people should date within five years of their age range, and I can maybe (maybe) see a ten year gap, so yes, I’d be okay with a 40 year old man dating a 35 year old woman.

But this guy is 40 something and the girlfriend is 20 something. You can’t tell me he was dating her because he really cared about her.

Men who date very young are either looking for hot, easily disposable tail to bang and toss away, or for women who lack life experience, because they are far easier to manipulate.

So yeah, Marquinda, it matters who he was dating.

Had he been dating someone age appropriate, this incident would not have occurred, so nope, no sympathy from me.

You can get off my blog now. Bye.

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