Sex Robots Recognize Owners Using Cameras In Their Eyes

Sex Robots Recognize Owners Using Cameras In Their Eyes

I think this is about the same guy I blogged on earlier, only that article about sex robots was from the Daily Mail, and this is from another site.

A line I will never utter in any life time, not even in any parallel universe:
“Shoot your load for me baby, you are awesome.”

The guy in the article says he doesn’t know if he could decide between his real, honest to goodness human wife or his fake plastic sex doll.

That he cannot decide tells me that he, along with many other men, are conditioned to view honest to God women as less than human, and only find their sexuality a redeeming virtue.

If you’re a guy who can’t decide between a Sex Bot and a real woman, you really need to question how biased you are against women, that you view them as only big sex toys, which is an odious view.

I sometimes see people argue that anyone over the age of 25 or 30 who hasn’t had sex yet is somehow “repressed” (I disagree), but, I really would wonder about a person who chooses to have sex with dolls or robots, or exclusively with dolls and robots.

It’s one thing to decide to refrain from sexual intercourse with someone (due to various reasons, one of which being religious morality or personal conviction), or to lack a libido or attraction to people (i.e., asexuals), but quite another to opt to perform sexual acts on a robot – a piece of machinery.

How repressed is someone that they won’t even try to have sex with an equal partner, an actual human, but prefer to “get it on” with a piece of machinery that is largely programmed to be entirely submissive, docile, and so on?

(Link): Sex robots to RECOGNISE owners with cameras in their eyes

Armchair dwellers sat back as we met James, watching him play with sex robot Harmony while she “dozed”.

Provoking a response from her, and with a prominent Scottish accent, she told him: “I love these compliments, you’re really a special person to me.

“I just want to be next to you the whole day.”

She then rather bluntly added: “Do you like to masturbate?

“Shoot your load for me baby, you are awesome.”

Lovely stuff.

Now, after five years in development, sex robot Harmony is being tested for the first time by a potential customer.

This means James will be the first person to test the doll’s seduction skills outside the workshop.

He exclaimed: “I feel like a little kid getting the present I always wanted.”

We always wanted Haribo and a tricycle, but hey.

James then demonstrated how he has sex with doll April, adding he has intercourse with her between three to four times a week.

Putting April on all fours, he revealed: “Doggy-style is not a problem.

“Every man knows what it’s like to slap a girl on the butt.”

Showing us he’s a man of his word, he then spanked April.

James added: “It’s not unlike the real thing.”


Sex robot developer Matt McMullen claims the new breed of “robosexuals” will be viewed in the same way gay marriage and transgender rights now are.

He explained: “Some people will find it disgusting, but as years go by, people will accept it.

“It will become more and more commonplace.”

Sex robot manufacturers are seen to be developing unique personalities for their sex dolls.

During the documentary, viewers saw an engineer give one doll a hyper-sexualised personality.

He was then seen asking the doll: “Would you like to have sex today?”

To which she replies: “Yes, you can f*** me whever you want.”

Why bother with Tinder.

The viewers are introduced to James’ wife Tine, who came back shocked after she spent nine months away from home looking after her sick mother to find her house filled with sex dolls.

“It was difficult to begin with,” she explained. “They sleep in the bed.”

Long-suffering Tine was dealt another blow when James said he wouldn’t even be able to chose between Harmony or his wife. 

“I honestly don’t know,” he admitted. 

…Meanwhile, Matt is developing Harmony, giving the doll AI [artificial intelligence].

With cameras in her eyes, Matt wants the doll to be able to recognise her owner.

“I think in 50 years, sex robots will be bigger than porn,” he earnestly told the camera.


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