Complementarian Christians Do Not Think Women are of Equal Worth to Men – Case 2 – Christian Men Mocking the “Me Too” Sexual Assault and Harassment Twitter Tag (Part 1.1)

Complementarian Christians Do Not Think Women are of Equal Worth to Men – Case 2 – Christian Men Mocking the “Me Too” Sexual Assault and Harassment Twitter Tag  (Part 1.1)

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In this post, I will mainly be discussing the insensitive, sexist tweet by a guy calling himself “Bible Thumper Wing Nut” (whose real name is Tim?), and Fred Butler’s participation. I’ll start by addressing Butler first, then move on to Tim who posts under the name “Bible Thumper Wing Nut”.

In part 2, I will be addressing Ricky Mauser’s replies to me, and, later, perhaps, maybe in a part 3, tweets from a Bob‏ (Twitter handle: “@JustBobThx”) to Dee.

I’d be very surprised if the Christian men in this Twitter conversation were not complementarian.

I seriously doubt they are egalitarian or would refer to themselves as “feminists”.

(I myself am right wing and do not refer to myself as feminist either – however, I also despise sexism, no matter where it comes from, right wing or left wing.)

First, here is the tweet containing a screen shot of two Christian men, “Bible Thumping Wing Nut” (Twitter handle: @Biblethumpingwi) and Fred Butler (Twitter handle: @Fred_Butler),  mocking the “Me Too” twitter tag, which women have been using to share their experiences of being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed on jobs:

Bible Thumping Wingnut’s tweet says,

Today a female security guard referred to me as “love”. #MeToo I don’t feel safe anymore.

Fred Butler replied:

Was she hot?

Note that both men, and the several who replied to defend those two, were ridiculing a serious issue: the (Link): “Me Too” tag began after sexual abuse and harassment stories (Link): about movie producer Harvey Weinstein broke.

This should be apparent to all, but it’s lost on those who are paranoid of the “Me Too” hash tag, of women wanting male accountability for male sexual misbehavior against women:
All sexual misconduct against women is wrong, A-L-L of it, whether it’s considered more serious – such as rape – or not as serious – such as cat-calling, or groping, or unwanted flirtation.

Although I am a conservative, I am absolutely appalled at the number of other conservatives or libertarians who think women and girls should just ignore, accept, or overlook “less serious” sexual harassment offenses.

Cat-calling may not be “as bad” as rape – but it is still bad. And no, no female should have to put up with it.

Unwanted flirtation is a form of sexual harassment, so no, it’s not acceptable when men do this to women.

Women are usually on the receiving end of unwanted flirtation, groping, cat-calling, and of rape, far more often than men.

When Muslim rape gangs attack and rape people, they (Link): most often target girls or women, though there has been an occasional instance of (Link): man- on- boy rape by Muslim migrants.

Again, however usually, (Link): Muslim men target females for rape, not boys or men.

Most victims of sexual assault and harassment, as the “Me Too” tag shows, consist of male- on- female incidents, not female on male, or even male on male.

The fact that we see conservative, complementarian men ridiculing the “Me Too” hash tag is an indication that complementarian theology is an excuse, rationalization, and a cover for sexism in Christianity.

If these Christian men participating in that thread really and honestly considered girls and women to be equal in value and worth to men, as complementarians claim they do, they would not be making light of a very serious situation such as that of sexual abuse or sexual harassment as being shared on Twitter under the “Me Too” hash.

The fact that these Christian men feel fine openly expressing their disdain for girls and women-

That these Christian men are so, so very comfortable with publicly mocking and being cavalier about the very real discomfort, disrespect, or pain (physical or psychological), females have experienced from men, that these girls and women have expressed using the “Me Too” Twitter trend, shows how morally and spiritually bankrupt these Christians are.

Further, it shows how absolutely bankrupt and dishonest their gender complementarian theology is.

Complementarians have a motto they repeat often in sermons or in books and online articles, which is, they believe that “women are equal to value in men, just not in role.”

After seeing how blithely and coldly these Christian men dismiss the many “Me Too” tweets by girls and women where these ladies shared how they were preyed on sexually by men, goes to show that complementarian “equal in worth, just not in role” motto is

  • nothing but a lie, and
  • a gimmick by which to sell their sexist swill, and
  • it is a ploy by which to placate Christian women into a false sense of security, that they’ve nothing to worry about – that Christian men are less sexist than secular ones 


Note Fred Butler’s reference to Deb and Dee of The Wartburg Watch blog as “harpies.” (View Tweet here if it does not display inline).

Some women – and even men – can behave as harpies at time, but I don’t think it was warranted in this case. It’s being used as a sexist put- down here.

On the Wartburg Watch blog, the ladies, Deb and Dee, often expose spiritual abuse or child sex abuse cover ups by churches, which disturbs Fred, because they sometimes report on some of his personal friends or theologians or pastors he admires who have fondled children.

I can only surmise that Fred is fine with child rape, he’s quite tolerant of child sex abuse, so long as it’s being committed by personal friends of his, or by people with whose theology he agrees.

You can see Fred refers to Christian women who expose such abuse in the church by referring to them as “harpies.” Fred is quite the sexist.

And I’m supposed to believe that complementarians consider women to be equal in worth to men? This is evidence of the opposite, I’m afraid.

On the up side, I dig CampOnThis (Pastor Camp).

He grasps what is going on here, that these other guys believing it is fine to jest about rape and sexual harassment is the grist for the humor mill, and under the “Me too” hash, is insensitive and setting a bad example for the faith.

Also, Jeff the GK and some guy name Alan in that exchange seem okay, too.


I take it that Mr. BibleThumperWingNut is one of the admins or writers of this site:

(Link): Bible Thumping Wing Nut

On which exists this blog post:

(Link): Prove Yourself a Man (Prove Yourself a Christian)

I am not sure who the author is of that blog post (is it by the Idol Babbler?).

Regardless, it has to be somehow affiliated with the Bible Thumper guy on Twitter  – someone from his site approved it to appear on his Wingnut Blog.

The blog post quotes the Bible in regards to loving your fellow Christians, or loving people and so on.

How on earth does Mr. Bible Thumper or Fred Butler or these other guys think it’s “loving” to mock women’s sexual harassment or abuse stories by way of the Me Too tag?

Don’t any of these Christians actually follow the “What Would Jesus Do” advice?

Can anyone honestly picture Jesus of Nazareth, should he have Twitter, sit there ridiculing a topic where women are discussing their sexual harassment or abuse? I can’t see him doing that.

Fred Butler wrote this, from a blog post that appears on the Wing Nut site about the Halloween holiday:

Oddly, it was a mannish, short-haired atheist sociology professor at my university who really pushed the “satanists-will-get-you-on-Halloween” narrative ///

Was it really necessary to refer to her hair as “mannish,” or maybe to mention her appearance at all?

This reminds me of (Link): sexist pastor Doug Wilson’s penchant for commenting on female physical appearance in order to insult women.


I know when you complementarian men make jokes at women’s expense, especially if it concerns a woman’s looks, you are expecting pats of approval on the back from other complementarian men in a Dude-Bro kind of way (and you will receive said approval)…

But to everyone else who witnesses this type of behavior, you come across as a total Douche Bag and as a Colossal Asshole, just FYI.

This is also kind of like how liberal Christian or ex- Christian people at (Link): Stephanie Drury’s SCCL Facebook group think they are a bunch of cool people for being snarky and sarcastic against innocuous Christian blog posts, but in reality, they’re merely behaving like (Link): a bunch of dicks.

It’s the same thing – these conservative dude bros and bully Faux Feminists at SCCL are the (Link): flip side to the same coin, which Drury really resents having pointed out.

I mean, really, if you’re a conservative Christian person or group who reminds me of Drury or her SCCL Facebook or Twitter crew, something has gone very haywire with you, your group, and/or your theology or behavior.

Fred also discussed this on that same page:

Todd was a bizarre man who claimed he had been born into a witchcraft family. He alleged that he had risen up through the witching ranks to become a satanic priest. According to his wiki page, he was criminally investigated for having sex with under-aged girls in 1976. After his release from prison, he claimed to be a Christian. ///

Huh. Fred doesn’t comment either way if he thinks it’s wrong or bad that Todd was sexually exploiting under-aged girls.

Had those girls gone on to Twitter (if it was around back then) to discuss being taken advantage of or possibly raped by his pal Todd and used the “Me Too” hash, I could only guess Fred would be mocking them too.

Fred said (same page):

As a stupid, undiscerning baby Christian when I was first exposed to Jack Chick Halloween history, and fueled by the atheist professor’s satanism legends, I became a crusader against Halloween. ///

Fred, based on your disdain for women generally, for women who expose child sex abuse by Christians and for women sexual harassment targets particularly, it’s pretty obvious that you’re still undiscerning and stupid.

You Fred, are a crusader against respect for women.

Fred said,

“We didn’t want to come across as those sourpuss, hater Christians.” ///

Based on your behavior towards Deb, Dee, and towards specific women on Twitter, and women generally on social media – you’re a sourpuss, hater Christian.

You love Halloween now but harbor hatred or arrogance towards women. (I’m surprised you married a woman – your page says you married one.)

Fred said (same page)

“But again, if it is YOUR conviction about Halloween, I will not judge you for maintaining those convictions. Just don’t tell me I am a compromiser or dishonoring God because my family goes trick-or-treating and has pumpkins sitting on our door steps.” ///

Great, so, thus far, if you’ve ever said that women who reject gender complementarianism are liberal feminists, selling out to culture, are God-haters, or are un-biblical, stop doing that.

Stop telling Christian gender egalitarians or gender mutualists they are dishonoring God and the like just because they don’t share your personal gender theology convictions. (I’m betting you are a complementarian and have done those very things. Could be wrong, but I bet not.)

Fred said (same source),

“Instead, I think the better thing for Christians to do if they wish to redeem Halloween, is participate in wholesome activities like handing out bags with theologically sound tracts packed along with the candy.” ///

Yes, Fred, I think your time would be better spent either supporting women, say, by doing things such as volunteering time and money to your local domestic violence shelters, or at the very least, standing in solidarity with women in social media campaigns, rather than joining in a mock-fest of “Me Too” trends.


Mr. Bible thumper said to a Tweeter name Marci:

And he also said:

(Text of his Tweet reads)

“So you really don’t know who I am do you? You Should figure out who I am before you continue to slander me further. Your public charges are sinful.”

(3:26 PM – Dec 7, 2017) ///

And he also said:

(Text of his Tweet reads)

“I’m not asking you to prove anything to me. I know the facts. I am ask you to Publicly Recant of your charges. You don’t even know who I am.” ///

I know who Bible Thumping Wingnut is.

All I needed to see was (Link): his first Tweet that brought this all about.

As Jesus (who Wingnut likely claims to follow and worship) said,

“But the things that come out of a person’s mouth and Twitter account come from the heart, and these defile them.” (Matthew 15:18)

By so easily and flippantly mocking girls and women sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse by way of the “Me Too” tag on social media, I can immediately deduce that Bible Thumping Wingnut (and his Twitter pals) is

  • an insensitive ass clown
  • doesn’t give a shit about sexism
  • doesn’t give a shit about girls or women
  • thinks sexism is not that big a deal (because it does not affect him personally)
  • thinks women or girls exaggerate or lie about sexism, sexual harassment, or sexual abuse
  • indicates he feels that because unwanted flirtation, a form of sexual harassment, by men to women, is not “as bad” as rape, it it acceptable behavior
  • uses the Bible and complementarian theology to support Christian-ized sexism (e.g, women must submit to men, husbands get “tie breaker vote” in marriages, male headship)
  • completely ignorant of the sexism that women encounter daily to monthly over the span of their lives
    (he’s in his “Man Bubble” and doesn’t have to worry as much as girls and women do of being sexually harassed on a job, being thrown into a car, raped, and killed,
    he doesn’t have to endure super annoying typical male behavior towards females like men telling him on a bad day to “Just smile, sweetheart!,”
    or wearing ear buds in public but men still not getting the hint that listening to music in public is female speak for, “I want to be left alone,” so men keep flirting with you anyway…)
  • obviously doesn’t care that it is precisely this sort of sexism and sexist behavior and frat boy, dude-bro attitudes like his – where it’s “Cool” to offend women, make light of painful things that happen to them, that all play a role in why I am partially agnostic now and don’t want to have so much to do with Christianity any more.

Congrats, Bible Thumper Wing Nut, Fred Butler, Ricky M., and any of the other men you are friends with, for helping me maintain my “I think I might want to stay away from the Christian faith, partial agnosticism looks more and more appealing by the day” mindset.

I doubt that Mr. Bible Thumper (or his friends) give a shit that your “witness” plays a part in (Link): driving me away from your faith, because your Jesus and your Christianity is a boy’s club where only men matter. You probably don’t care.

In your religion, Bible Thumper Wing Nut, Fred Butler, Ricky M:

  1. (Link): Only Men Matter
  2. (Link): Only Men Matter
  3. (Link): Only Men Matter
  4. (Link): Only Men Matter
  5. (Link): Only Men Matter

Your Christianity really sucks and has nothing to offer girls and women.

Despite your complementarian, “we think women are equal in value to men” mantra, no, you do not really believe that.

Your actions and behavior on twitter indicate your disrespect of women and your disrespect of anything that is of import to them, or that negatively impacts them.

You prefer to make jokes at women’s expense, or to ridicule their concerns.

Conservative Christians tend to be culture warriors who tweet anti-LGBT stuff all day.

Not that I’m a big supporter of LGBT Social Justice Warrior stuff myself, as I do tweet the occasional,
“Govt forcing Christian baker to make Gay Wedding Cake, I think that’s bad”
news, but I don’t eat, live, and breathe anti-LGBT sentiment on this blog or on Twitter.

I sometimes wonder that, in spite of all your group’s (your group being complementarian, conservative Christian) railing against homosexuality constantly, if you’re all secretly homosexual, because I cannot help but notice you really don’t want the company of, input of, women.

After all, your “side” keeps saying things like only men are important, only winning male converts is important, and that your faith should have a “masculine” feel.

Anyway, you can have your Boys Club, testosterone-laden Christianity. I am pretty much done with it.

Romans 2:24 is perhaps applicable here, pertient for BibleThumperWingNut, Ricky M, and Fred Butler, and their friends:

“God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” (Romans 2:24)

Edit (Dec 12, 2017)

Bible Thumper Wingnut replied to someone in one of these threads:

Wow, seems Jeff has a wonderful support group here. Will he exhort them with scripture? He would but trolls don’t do that.

I so far have not seen “Bible Thumper” apologize. He keeps on just insulting everyone and anyone.

My reply to Tim the Bible Thumper Wingnut:

Bible Thumper Wingnut, doing something like you did – mocking women sex abuse victims by way of the MeToo Twitter hash- is supported by what Bible verse(s), again? I certainly cannot picture Jesus Christ ridiculing sexual abuse victims.

I ended up blocking Fred Butler, after talking to him for quite some time. Here is what my Tweet said:

I finally blocked Fred Butler, who last I saw, was using “Calvinist Moon” or whatever as his I.D. The exchange got tiresome. He’s one of those guys who will and wants to tweet argue ALL DAY. I’m not that type. Also, his attitude REEKS of sexism but he’s blind to it.

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