Man Who Tricked Tinder Dates Out of $50,000 With Bogus Sob Stories Jailed

Man Who Tricked Tinder Dates Out of $50,000 With Bogus Sob Stories Jailed

(Link): Man Who Tricked Tinder Dates Out of of $50,000 With Bogus Sob Stories Jailed

I love the sub-heading for this:

They swiped right and he swiped their cash

LOL. Here’s the rest of the article (excerpts from it):

by Chelsea Ritschel

Think your Tinder matches have been bad? They’ve got nothing on Brandon Kiehm, the notorious ‘Tinder Swindler’ who’s now behind bars.

The sentence comes after Kiehm pleaded guilty to conning three women he matched with on the dating app into handing over £50,000 ($37,000)

Creating a profile on the dating app in 2015, Kiehm, who was a dog walker at the time, took fake profiles to a whole new level when he began posing as a Goldman Sachs banker named “Tristan Acocella.”

Weaving his web of lies even further, Kiehm told one date that he needed money desperately for his sister’s cancer treatments. She gave him $14,000.

Another date gave Kiehm $12,000, this time for his mother’s cancer treatments.

Neither Kiehm’s mother nor sister has ever had cancer.

… Kiehm was arrested in February 2016 and charged with grand larceny, identity theft, and scheme to defraud.

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