Mother of Obnoxious Single Guy Who Was Condescending to Single Woman Puts Her Son In His Place

This is from a European paper, hence the use of “Mum” rather than “Mom.”

This story appeared a few days ago, in a different article.

A guy was connected with a single woman named Samantha on a dating site and sent her all sorts of condescending advice. For example, he told her on the dating app that if she just lost some weight that he might be interested in dating her.

The young lady said his behavior hurt her feelings, and she ended up blocking him.

His mother found out what her son did, and she replied.

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Michael Blanchard, 24, was talking to Samantha Drain, 23, on the dating app Bumble, when he crossed more than a few lines.

The self-confessed ’10 out of 10’ called the dance teacher from Kent a ‘5 or 6 out of 10’ and sent her a photo of another woman to taunt her.

He said that if she started looking the ‘tiniest bit’ like her he would consider going out with her.

But unfortunately for Michael, his mum has waded in and she wasn’t afraid to reveal some home truths about the trainee osteopath.

Jackie Blanchard, 53, told MailOnline: ‘Michael might say he is God’s gift to women but he has only had two girlfriends. ‘He is more of a blokey, bloke really. He is more of a lad. He is not really that interested in women.’

Ouch. She went on to describe him as the ‘bottom of the pile’ in their family, who’s obsessed with the gym and reality TV shows like Love Island.

Samantha said she was on her Christmas party when Michael sent her the disgusting messages.


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