Why I Bring All My Baggage On First Dates by Steph Montgomery

Why I Bring All My Baggage On First Dates by Steph Montgomery

(Link): Why I Bring All My Baggage On First Dates

When I first reentered the dating pool after leaving my husband, I made a surprising discovery: Apparently, sometime during the decade-plus that I’d been married, all the single men completely forgot how to read.

…I’m a single mom with a demanding job and not a lot of spare time to waste; I figured the more I shared about who I was, the better.

After a few super-awkward first dates, though, I learned how optimistic it had been to expect the men who contacted me to pay attention to what I’d written.

Each and every time, I found myself struggling to keep my anxiety in check as I stumbled through an explanation for something I assumed my date already knew. Things listed front and center in my online profile were treated as total revelations, and usually not for the better:

You’re a vegetarian? How can you be a vegetarian? What about bacon?! This guy seemed actually angry, for some reason. But it was literally in the second sentence of my profile, and besides, how could I have known that bacon-hate was a red flag?

…Eventually, enough bad dates made the decision for me. The more dead-end evenings I spent with someone who clearly wasn’t a good match, the sillier it seemed to hold back. So I decided to conduct my own little dating experiment: I would lay everything out on the table from the beginning, with everyone.

The results were … let’s call them mixed.

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