Bride Battling Cancer Dies 18 Hours After Exchanging Vows

Bride Battling Cancer Dies 18 Hours After Exchanging Vows

Joanne the widow lady (Link): was just crying or complaining to Christian show host Pat Robertson that her husband died after 37 years of marriage – how do you think this groom feels, that he only got EIGHTEEN HOURS with his spouse? (And women like me have ZERO HOURS with a spouse?)

(Link): Bride Battling Cancer Dies 18 Hours After Exchanging Vows

(Link): Bride battling breast cancer dies 18 hours after wedding

Bride battling breast cancer dies 18 hours after wedding. A Connecticut bride lost her battle with breast cancer just 18 hours after exchanging wedding vows with her husband. The former Heather Lindsay and David Mosher said, “I do” Dec. 22 in the chapel of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford.

(Link): Woman battling cancer dies hours after getting married

The story of a woman who died from cancer 18 hours after getting married has broken hearts across the world.

Heather Mosher, from Connecticut, married her husband, David Mosher a few days before Christmas, after the couple brought the wedding forward out of fears Heather wouldn’t make it to their planned ceremony on 30 December.

And now photos of the wedding posted by bridesmaid Christina Karas have gone viral, with many people being moved by Heather’s inspirational approach.

…Heather and David met at a swing dance class in May 2015 and quickly became inseparable.

Fast forward to 23 December 2016 – it was the day David was planning to propose but it was also the day Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer.

…Five days later, the couple found out Heather’s cancer was triple negative, which is a rare and aggressive form of the disease. And their lives were soon consumed by cancer.

In September 2017, they found out the cancer had spread to Heather’s brain, and two months later she was on life support with a breathing tube.

Many people thought she wouldn’t make it much longer, but Heather was a fighter.

….But with the wedding set for 30 December, Heather was desperate to make it. The doctors recommended the couple bring the wedding forward though.

David and Heather got married on 22 December surrounded by family and friends.

…But the last words Heather would ever say were her vows to David – she died on 23 December, 18 hours after getting married.

It was exactly a year since David had proposed and Heather had been diagnosed with cancer.

And on 30 December – the original date for the wedding – David said goodbye to his wife at her funeral, held at the church in which they were meant to marry.

“She’s my great love, and I’m going to lose her, but I’m not losing her forever,” David said.


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