Stop Trying To Tell Straight People They Have To Date Transgenders by Jazz Shaw

Stop Trying To Tell Straight People They Have To Date Transgenders


…(Link): The BBC reports that Willoughby became incensed when Ginuwine declared the decision as to whether or not one should date across the gender-bending aisle to be a “personal choice,” but stated that he personally wouldn’t do it.

The journalist became further upset when he sugested sharing a kiss with Ginuwine and was rebuffed. This, apparently, set off a debate across the pond as to whether or not Ginuwine (and presumably anyone else holding his common sense opinions) is a hateful, hatemongering, Hatey McHateface.

….As to the other question, it is patently preposterous for any group of supporters to go around on social media and elsewhere lecturing straight people and accusing them of some form of hate crime or bigotry because they choose to date people of the opposite gender.

That’s how the majority of people are wired and there is simply no way in hell that your average straight male is going to get into a sexual relationship with someone with male genitalia simply because they believe they’re a girl. Nor would a straight woman hop into bed with another woman.

It would be equally unfair for you to chastise a gay man or a lesbian for not veering off and dating outside of their preferred pool.

This simply isn’t going to happen. And you’re not going to make any of us feel guilty for not bending to your will suddenly jumping into the gay dating scene. Give it a rest. As an adult, you’re free to “believe” whatever you like, but the rest of society is under no obligation to play along and enable your fantasy.

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