One Group That Thinks Grown Men “Courting” Teen Girls Is Natural? Fundamentalist Home-Schoolers by R. Graham

One Group That Thinks Grown Men “Courting” Teen Girls Is Natural? Fundamentalist Home-Schoolers by R. Graham

I linked to an article very similar to the one below a few months ago (Link): here.

I’ve also blogged about Phil Robertson’s gross, sexist, and creepy idea before that girls should marry at age 15 (Link): here.

(Link):  One Group That Thinks Grown Men “Courting” Teen Girls Is Natural? Fundamentalist Home-Schoolers by R. Graham

[Some Christians object to the idea of adult men dating teen girls.]

….But there’s a group of Moore’s allies for whom the basic idea of an unmarried older man “courting” a teenage girl is not anathema at all—fundamentalist home-schoolers.

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who (Link): endorsed Moore in the contested Republican primary and has spoken at his rallies, told an audience in 2009 that girls should marry when they’re (Link): “about 15 or 16.”

Moore has (Link): appeared several times on a radio show hosted by Kevin Swanson, an ultra-conservative Colorado pastor who  (Link): defended Robertson’s notion that girls should be marrying at 15 because it helps them avoid sexual sin.

I’ve never married, still a virgin at age 40+, and I have a sex drive: it’s simply not true that “getting married young”(or getting married at all) is necessary to prevent someone from dabbling in sexual sin.

Staying a virgin past one’s teen years is not (Link): an impossible, heroic feat.

Anyone can do it.

Most choose not to.

Being celibate is a choice and a self-discipline, and it’s not due to lacking a sex drive; it is not a godly, incredibly difficult feat only a few can pull off. Anyone can do this.

Is is somewhat difficult when you’re single and rather be married and having sex? Yes, it can be somewhat difficult at times, but not to the point where one loses control of one’s ability to refrain.

Also, getting married does not keep people from “burning with lust,” with all due respect to the New Testament’s apostole Paul:

A lot of people get married only to sexually sin by having sex with people not their spouse, by fondling children, viewing porn, hiring prostitutes etc., and so on – see my many examples of married couples engaging in sexual sin (Link): here (i.e., collection of news stories of married people arrested for hiring prostitutes, etc).

Excerpts from the article:

Moore has an even deeper relationship with Doug Phillips, a disgraced leader in the “Biblical patriarchy” movement. Phillips was president of Vision Forum, a Texas-based organization devoted to the (Link): “restoration of the Christian household.”

In Phillips’ world, men ought to be self-sufficient by the time they marry, but women live under their father’s authority until they marry.

Ideally, in fact, a woman would live under her father’s literal roof until her wedding day.

Phillips promoted the concept of (Link): “stay-at-home daughters,” in which girls live at home until they marry, often forgoing formal education and focusing on homemaking skills. Independence is essentially a flaw in a Christian wife, who, Phillips taught, should be willing to (Link): call her husband “Lord.

Ah yes, Philips. I think this is the same guy who masturbated (Link): on his teen nanny without her desire or consent.

Sometimes women never marry, or, they do but their husband dies, develops dementia, or they have to divorce him because he’s abusive – all of which means, a woman has to be independent. She cannot afford to rely too heavily on a husband.

As to the portion about calling her husband a Lord – you see how sexist much of Christianity is. They not only turn marriage into a deity of sort, but Christians turn the husband into a little god who the wife must worship and obey, although the Bible says there is only one God and to worship anther as God is idolatry. But complementarian and patriachal Christians don’t care about breaking God’s moral laws.

More excerpts from the page by Graham:

It’s not that Phillips and those in his circle promoted relationships between teenage girls and older men per se.

But if brides are prized for their purity and meekness, and ideal grooms are capable and commanding, relationships like the ones Moore allegedly had are deemed natural.

Phillips was a giant in the world of fundamentalist home schooling, which, as Kathryn Brightbill pointed out this weekend in the Los Angeles Times, has a record of condoning “courtship” between teen girls and older men. (A blogger named Libby Anne has also written extensively about this pattern.)

Phillips’ CDs and video series included “Marrying Young,” “How to Evaluate a Suitor,” and “What’s a Girl to Do?,” which urges parents to resist the “feminist model” of raising girls.

Vision Forum also repackaged the 19th-century book series Elsie Dinsmore, which then became wildly popular among conservative home-schoolers. The series follows a pious young rich girl in the pre–Civil War South, who marries her father’s best friend when she is still in her teens. He has been romantically attracted to her—and flirtatious—since she was a pre-pubescent child.

Moore’s entanglements with the Vision Forum are complex. He contributed frequently to its publications, usually on topics relating to law, policy, and government. Starting in 1999, he served as a “faculty member” at the group’s Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy, a misleadingly named four-day conference open only to men.

 You can read more of that article (Link): here.

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