Christian Couple Kept Their 13 Children ‘Starving’ and Shackled in Chains Inside House of Horror, Police Say

Christian Couple Kept Their 13 Children ‘Starving’ and Shackled in Chains Inside House of Horror, Police Say

You can see once more how The Nuclear Family, Parenthood, and Marriage does not save society or make things safer for children.

I’m conservative, but a lot of other conservatives (both Christian and secular) will try to argue that society has fallen apart because of feminism or due to liberals and they further suggest that society  would not be such a cess pool only if every one would marry by the age of 25 and have ten kids apiece and become a Christian.

This couple being married, having kids, and reading the Bible, being into traditional gender roles and being Christian did not make them better people, nor did it make our culture a better place.

I’m sure there are probably some atheist parents out there who treat their kids better than this Christian couple treated their kids.

I fail to see how liberalism or secular feminism is to blame for this Christian couple shackling their kids to beds for years and refusing to feed them.

(Link):  Christian Couple Kept Their 13 Children ‘Starving’ and Shackled in Chains Inside House of Horror, Police Say

Jan 16, 2018

The home of a California couple known in their community as a good Christian family was revealed to be a house of horror Sunday morning when local police rescued their 13 children, some of whom were found “shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings.”

A release from the Perris Police Department said they responded to the home of David Allen Turpin, 57, and his 49-year-old wife, Louise Anna Turpin, early Sunday morning after the Turpins’ 17-year-old daughter, who had escaped from their home, called the police to report that her 12 siblings were being held captive by their parents.

…James and Betty Turpin of West Virginia told ABC News that they were “surprised and shocked” by the allegations against their son, David Turpin, and his wife.

They said “God called on them (the couple)” to have as many children as they did. The children, they said, were raised with “very strict homeschooling,” and taught to memorize long passages of the Bible and memorizing the entire Bible was also a goal for some.

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(Link): Cops may bring in cadaver dogs to search for possible remains of other children at Calif. ‘house of horrors’

Homicide detectives could use cadaver dogs to sniff for the remains of other children in the suburban California “house of horrors,” according to a report.

A week after 13 children, ages 2 to 29, were found living in deplorable conditions in the Riverside County home, detectives have been in “serious discussions” to use the canines to search the home for any unknown children who may have been buried there, according to the syndicated news show Crime Watch Daily.

Detectives also were in talks about using DNA tests to confirm whether all 13 children were related.

…The parents of the children are facing up to a life in prison after being charged Thursday with torture, child abuse and unlawful imprisonment.

Louise Anna Turpin, 49, and David Allen Turpin, 57, pleaded not guilty. Each was ordered held in lieu of $12 million bail.

“One of the children at age 12 is the weight of an average 7-year-old,” Riverside District Attorney Michael Hestrin said. “The 29-year-old female victim weighs 82 pounds.”

The Turpin’s 17-year-old daughter escaped the home last Sunday and called 911, leading investigators to the residence.

…Prosecutors have said that over the years the children were mistreated, beaten and taunted with food and toys they could look at but not have.

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