Masturbation Kills 100 Germans Every Year, Study Finds

Masturbation Kills 100 Germans Every Year, Study Finds

(Link): Masturbation Kills 100 Germans Every Year,  Study Finds

Feb 2018
By Julian Robinson

Masturbation kills 100 Germans every year: Study discovers bizarre ways people died pleasuring themselves including a man who tried to melt sliced cheese over himself

Study found up to 100 Germans die a year through risky masturbation practices

One died after tying to melt cheese on his body while sitting next to a heater

Another man was found dead with Christmas tree lights clamped to his nipples


Masturbation kills up to 100 Germans a year, according to a study which has also uncovered the bizarre ways people have died pleasuring themselves.

One man – wearing pantyhose, a raincoat and a diving suit as well as a plastic bag over his head – died in Hamburg after sitting next to a heater and trying to melt slices of cheese on his body.

Another man in Halle was found dead with Christmas tree lights clamped to his nipples having apparently tried to stimulate himself by electrocution.

Forensic examiner Harald Voß said the most common reason for autoerotic deaths was the desire for the ultimate orgasm through depriving oneself of oxygen.

Between 80 and 100 people across the country accidentally die every year due to risky masturbation practices, his study found.

This was based on findings that for every one million German citizens there are ‘one or two’ cases of deaths a year in which a prop or device was used to boost stimulation during sexual activity.

In one example, a man was found suffocated in the cellar of his home in Hesse having apparently tied chains around his body and neck.

According to Bild, porn was present and investigators made the assumption that he had suffered an autoerotic death.

The Local reports Voß as saying the number of similar cases going unreported was ‘extremely high’ but that he had only personally dealt with five cases over the last three decades.

Cases sometimes go unreported because families of victims feel ashamed, he added.


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