Woman on 700 Club Claims God Told Her To Marry Bearded Guy

Woman on 700 Club Claims God Told Her To Marry Bearded Guy

I pretty much detest this Christian view that, “God sent me a spouse!”

And wouldn’t you know that just a few days ago on “700 Club” there was a story on there on (Link): their Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2018) episode (at least I’m fairly sure it aired on Valentine’s Day, though I could be wrong on that) where this woman said she broke up with this dude, and she said she “felt the LORD” telling her to do so, that he “had something better” for her.

What’s worse than seeing these stories, or having a Christian show broadcast such stories, is for them to do so on Valentine’s Day, which may be a difficult day for some singles to get through.

You have some singles sitting there feeling crummy about being single, and a Christian show insensitively featuring how one single lady meet her dream match single guy – that lady (the one on the TV show) got married, but they (the single watching the show) are still single. How about doing a story acknowledging that not every single out there gets a spouse?

It’s been a few days since I watched this on television, and I don’t care to re-watch it (it’s on You Tube), so I’m going on memory here.

Okay, so this woman on the 700 Club show says that God told her to break up with the current guy she was dating.

So she dumped the guy.

A few months later, she was attending some function, saw some Bearded Guy there, and she said something like, “the LORD told me, “that’s him! [i.e., the person she will or should marry some day]”

She later married Bearded Guy, who also said the first time he looked across the room and saw this woman, “the LORD told me, “that’s her!”


So, God is sitting there guiding other women (or men) to their sweetie pies, but despite praying to God nightly from the ages of about 11 to about my early or mid-40s for a spouse, I got bupkiss, nada, nothing.

Why is God commanding this woman to break up with one dude and supposedly fixing her with this other guy later? Why is God helping her, but not helping me and other singles in my situation?

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I think that lady’s depressing “God sent me a spouse” love story can be viewed here:

(Link): The 700 Club – February 14, 2018, on You Tube

Published on Feb 14, 2018

It was love at first sight, but that’s not where this story begins. Watch one couple’s journey to “happily ever after.”

This is the full episode, but the interview with the lady who says God sent her Bearded Guy to marry may not appear until one half to 3/4th the way into the video
(I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain this is the episode with the lady and Bearded Guy – if you watch the whole thing, and she’s not on here, please don’t get pissed off at me. I can’t remember exactly which date the Bearded Guy episode aired):



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