Face of Anti-Gay Trump Dating Website Is A Convicted Child Abuser

Face of Anti-Gay Trump Dating Website Is A Convicted Child Abuser

(Link): Face of Anti-Gay Trump Dating Website Is A Convicted Child Abuser

Feb 2018

The face of an anti-gay dating app for Donald Trump supporters is a pedophile who was convicted of filming himself having sex with a 15 year-old girl.

Barrett Riddleberger’s smirk is what greets visitors to Trump.dating, a match-making site for Trump-supporters to connect with one another – as long as they’re straight.

But despite Riddleberger’s apparent distaste for the sexual preferences of consenting adults, WRAL revealed he is a pervert with a felony conviction for ‘taking indecent liberties with a minor’ by making the sex tape in 1995, when he was 25.

When contacted by the outlet Monday, the 50 year-old entrepreneur offered to discuss ‘the present, not the past’. And when probed about his child abuse conviction he insisted: ‘I’ve already paid my debt for something I did 25 years ago.’

He was not answering his home or business phone numbers when contacted by Metro US Tuesday. Riddleberger and wife Jodi appear embracing on the homepage of the website, with both wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps.

The couple, from Greensboro, NC, have been married for 22 years, and appear as an example of the kind of relationship that Trump.dating could help users find.

They are active in local Republican politics, with Jodi a co-founder of a group called C4GC – Conservatives for Guilford County. Despite his own conviction, Riddleberger’s Twitter feed includes an inspirational quote from evangelical Christian Ravi Zacharias, saying: ‘The ultimate test of any civilization is how we treat the most vulnerable – what we do with our children.

However, the website has been blasted by critics because it only lets singles choose the option of being a ‘straight man’ or ‘straight woman’ looking for a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. The site also raised eyebrows for letting users choose the option of being ‘happily married’ or ‘unhappily married’ after they sign in and begun looking for romance with strangers.

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