Dear Abby: A guy’s advice to women dating online

My experience with dating sites has been totally different from what this guy says. The majority of men I ran into when I was on dating sites only cared about what I looked like.

I could tell from their comments and questions to me that they had not bothered to read my personal info or likes and dislikes. Most men care about photos, which is perhaps why so many women are posting so many photos and not going into detail with their biographies or preferences.

(Link): Dear Abby: A guy’s advice to women dating online

DEAR ABBY: As a single man, I have been on a few dating websites, and I’d like to say something to the women I have encountered: What is it about you that makes you worth my time to pursue?

Many women show a lot of pictures, but reveal very little about themSELVES. Then some of them say in their last sentence that from me they “want more than 10 words to say hello.”

These women seem well-educated but unable to write more than a short paragraph about who they are.

Ladies, if you want more than a hi or hello, write something about yourselves beyond your likes and dislikes. Describe who you are, what your hopes and dreams are, and say something that I, as a man, would respond to in my introduction. If you did, it would help me to determine whether I should pursue you.


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