After Threatening Suicide, Pastor Ronnie Gorton (Married to a Woman and a Father) Indicted on 47 Charges of Sexually Assaulting Boys

After Threatening Suicide, Pastor Ronnie Gorton (Married to a Woman and a Father) Indicted on 47 Charges of Sexually Assaulting Boys – Ditch the Equally Yoked Teaching, Christian Single Women!

I believe the article, which is linked to much farther below in this post, says that this child- raping pastor is married to a woman, and he and the woman have two or three of their own children.

Once more, contrary to what many to most conservative Christians and conservative think tanks teach, marriage does not make people more godly, loving, or mature. Being married to a woman did not stop this guy in this article from sexually assaulting boys.

Once more, the “equally yoked” teaching as applied to dating and marriage is detrimental and irrelevant: if you are a single Christian woman, you need to get past this mindset of “I can only date or marry another Christian” because many Christian men will abuse you, or they turn out to be perverts.

One other problem with “equally yoked” is that it’s a numbers game that is not in favor of single female Christians, as the females out-number the males.

And in this article, one woman is quoted as saying that one reason this Gorton pervert ended up attracting so much female attention at the church she was attending is that, “He [Gorton] caused a bit of a stir when he showed up, because my church didn’t have tons of eligible young Christian men…”

Bingo. Even child molesting, abusive, arrogant jerk men such as Gorton have an easy time getting dates by mere fact of  doing nothing more than walking into churches, because there is a shortage of eligible single men in churches, and there are many single, Christian women who remain totally hung up on the “equally yoked” teaching and are thrilled if a church has single men their age attending because they are dying to marry.

Once more, you do not necessarily (it would depend on the specific person) need to become more mature or become a better person before you will attract a decent mate, or before God will reward you with a spouse, as so many Christian dating books (and even secular dating articles) will tell you.

Look at the guy in this article – he’s a child raping pervert, yet, he had a wife and some of his own kids. Why would God reward a child rapist with a spouse but not the law-abiding, normal, every day adult single who is not running about raping children?

Notice also that the guy’s neighbors say they never suspected he was a pervert. They assumed he was a normal guy, especially since he was a pastor and he was supposedly doing good deeds for children.

Gorton’s wife seems to say that she herself was abused by this guy, so she filed for divorce a few months ago and moved out of the house. Not only was Gorton raping children, but he had been abusing his wife as well.

If you are a single Christian woman, is holding on to “Equally Yoked” really worth it, considering (Link): all the Christian men who turn out to be abusive or deviants?

The following story was brought to my attention by my Twitter friend ymmarta.

(Link): After Threatening Suicide, Pastor Ronnie Gorton Indicted on 47 Charges of Sexually Assaulting Boys

March 2018

by Leonard Blair

After allegedly threatening to take his life last month over allegations that he raped two underage boys, Ronnie Gorton, a married father and lead pastor of The Awakening Church in Atoka, Tennessee, was indicted Monday on 47 counts of illegal relations with three underage boys.

Among the charges, (Link): according to The Leader, are five counts of aggravated sexual battery, 17 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child, 16 counts of statutory rape by an authority figure, two counts of exploitation of a minor by electronic means, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, two counts of purchasing alcohol for a child, and one count of rape.

“The nature of these charges clearly indicate the victims, at some point, were under the age of 13. The age of consent in Tennessee is 18,” Tipton County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Billy Daugherty said.

Tipton County investigators (Link): said last month that that a 17-year-old boy came forward to allege that Gorton, 39, who has been married to his wife, Rhonda, for 15 years, sexually assaulted, molested, and raped him on multiple occasions. The Atoka Police Department also reported receiving a similar charge from a 20-year-old man who alleged that Gorton sexually assaulted him when he was underage.

Daugherty (Link): told The Leader that the latest instance of alleged assault by the preacher took place on Jan. 31 and the case is a multijurisdictional investigation.

…Gorton’s neighbors in Drummonds (Link): told News Channel 3 they were surprised by the charges against him.

“We knew he had a church and, you know, he had boys over there a lot,” neighbor Donnie Overbeck told the network. Nothing he said seemed out of the ordinary.

“We thought, ‘Hey, he’s doing something good. He’s taking these kids in and doing good things,'” he said.

In a statement to The Christian Post last month, Rhonda said while she knew nothing about the charges against her husband, she had moved out of their marital home and filed for divorce in December due to abuse.

“I moved out of the house and filed for divorce in December after enduring years of abuse myself and knowing nothing about the current charges. As myself and the other victims struggle to heal, move forward and rebuild, it will be most helpful to not come up on a Google search as being associated with the one who dealt out the abuse,” she said.

In a (Link): series of tweets just days before Rhonda’s statement, Christian blogger April Persisting said Gorton and his wife once attended the same church she attended and she always sensed he abused her.

“Let me tell you about Ronnie Gorton. He came to my church when he was 23, newly graduated from Bible school, dating a sweet young woman that he soon married. I was just out of high school. He caused a bit of a stir when he showed up, because my church didn’t have tons of eligible young Christian men, and he was relative good looking. But when I interacted with him, I came away feeling cold and unimpressed,” she wrote.

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