Larry Nassar’s Accuser Rachael Denhollander: ‘Few’ Victims of Sexual Assault Find ‘True Help’ From Church

This sounds about accurate.

Not only do many Christians of many churches usually fail to help sexual abuse victims, but they’re pretty bad about helping all sorts of categories of people – domestic abuse victims, people with depression, people undergoing grief, etc and so on.

(Link): Larry Nassar’s Accuser Rachael Denhollander: ‘Few’ Victims of Sexual Assault Find ‘True Help’ From Church

Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly accuse USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar of sexually abusing her as a teenager, has encouraged survivors of sexual abuse to put their trust entirely in Christ, as “very few” victims have found “true help” from the Church.

The former gymnast, who was a 15-year-old homeschooler when Nassar started abusing her nearly two decades ago, recently opened up about her experience during a conversation with Nancy Hill, Charles Bigelow professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, hosted by the Veritas Forum.

When an audience member asked about moments she had doubted her faith, the lawyer and mother-of-three admitted there were “significant times of wrestling.”

“Ultimately, what happened strengthened my worldview,” she said. “Ultimately, where that led me back to was the foot of the cross.”

When asked, “How can people trust the church and Christianity?” in the wake of sexual abuse, Denhollander simply said, “Don’t.”

“The church is made up of fallen people,” she said. “I trust my Savior.”

 Denhollander said that while she is a “very conservative evangelical,” she believes the Church has a long way to go when it comes to dealing with victims of sexual abuse.

“That’s a hard thing to say, because I am a very conservative evangelical, but that is the truth,” she said. “There are very, very few who have ever found true help in the Church.”

In an interview before the Thursday event, Denhollander told the Crimson she is still waiting to see whether movements like #MeToo have had a lasting effect and criticized the evangelical community for failing to properly address cases of sexual abuse within the Church.

“There’s always an ebb and flow to where the spotlight is,” she said. “Right now, there’s still a lot of outrage, but most of it is directed outside of people’s communities. Evangelicals are plenty happy to talk about MSU and Penn State, and the Catholic Church is great when they talk about MSU and Penn State, but they’re not so great when they talk about what happened in their church and evangelicals are not very good at speaking out against their own community.”

“That really is the test of how much someone cares and how much they’ve changed — what they do if it happens in their own community,” she added.


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