Who Are “Incels” (Involuntary Celibates)? Behind the Misogynistic Ideology That Inspired The Toronto Suspect by T. Merrigan

Who Are “Incels”? Behind the Misogynistic Ideology That Inspired The Toronto Suspect

Much farther below, in this post: link to an article hosted on The Lily, about Alex Minassian, who was apparently influenced by online “incel” (women-hating) groups.

I’ve actually already done a post or two about these misogynists before, such as (Link): this one – they refer to themselves as “Involuntary Celibates” and blame women for their problems and lives, rather than taking responsibility for themselves. (They also like to live in a fantasy world where women have lives so much easier than men, and, women are supposedly to blame for the problems of men.)

These bitter men exude hatred of women but then have the audacity to bleat on Reddit threads and elsewhere that “women don’t like nice guys,” and they cannot comprehend how it is no woman wants to date or have sex with a “nice guy” (who is actually a big, sexist, woman-hating jerk) such as themselves.

It’s no mystery – well, not to the rest of us.

One problem of posting about these sexist douche canoes is that they will at times want to leave a comment under any posts you make about them.

According to some of these articles I’ve read about Incels, they celebrate every time an Incel kills women. If Incels kill all the women, there won’t be any women for them to have a chance of having sex with – they’d have to have sex with other men.

Other than being immoral, killing women is counter-productive to their goals of having sex with a real living woman. But I guess not only do they lack in looks, incels also aren’t very intelligent.

Regarding this portion of the article from a site called “The Lily” where an “incel” is being quoted:

“women always get sex, regardless of how ugly they are.”

Um, no. No,  no, no, and wrong.

I, a female, was an “ugly duckling” up until my senior year of high school, and the teen boys did not offer me sex. Rather, they would mock me until I cried, they would trip me in the hall ways at school, and so on.

Also, here on my blog, I have several posts about married women who want to have sex with their husbands, but their husbands don’t want to have sex. I also saw a news article a few years ago about a 40-something woman who was quite randy – she called the police to her home and begged one of the male cops who showed up to have sex with her (he of course refused).

I’ve seen plenty of news articles and studies about women wanting to have sex with men, but not getting any sex, because the men are not interested in them.

If anything, our culture continually promotes “ugly fat guy on TV sit com paired up with thin, youthful hottie wife.” I’ve so far never seen a TV show (or movie) pair up an older, chunky woman with a hot-bodied, handsome 20-something man.

(Link, off site): Beauty and the Beast:  Why are fat sitcom husbands paired with great-looking wives?

If anything, American culture (as do many others) only value women for physical appearance.

We women get hit with the message repeatedly, beginning when we are young, from kids at school and from Hollywood and magazines and TV advertisements, that we females are valued and wanted by men ONLY for our looks, bodies, and sexuality.  These “incel” men are living in deep denial and have things about the sexes totally backwards.

As to the Incel complaint that “all women are sluts,” their sexism has them deeply deluded: I am over 45 years of age, a woman, and I’m still a virgin – and I’ve been blogging about this for years here now. Obviously, not all women (and not all men) are out having sex.

One of the things that creeps me out about these sexist dirt bags is that they clearly hate women, yet, they still insist they want to have sex with us women.

I really am not interested in having sex with anyone who hates me.

Anyway, I suspect that these sexist deviants don’t even really view women as fully human; we are, to them, nothing but living sex dolls with orifices into which they can put their genitalia. That may explain how it is they hate women but at the same time still want to have sex with us. They deny our humanity, they deny us our full humanity.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the sexist little creeps who call themselves “incels” don’t all feel entitled to “Stacys.”

That is, they are all ugly, rolly polly, obsese, ugly dorks who should be, in reality, aiming to date rolly polly women (who resemble, say, TV host Rosie o’Donnell), but they all feel they deserve a woman who looks like an air- brushed, stick thin, model who just walked off the cover of a magazine. Male entitlement at work, once again.

If these sexist little douche waffles would aim for women in their own categories, instead of only aiming to date the “Stacies,” they’d likely get more dates. Well, they’d have to dump their seething hatred of women, and their bitterness, because those qualities will drive away any woman.

(Link): Who Are “Incels”? Behind the Misogynistic Ideology That Inspired The Toronto Suspect  – The Lily

What the incel community wants and where it thrives

by Tara Merrigan, April 2018

The killing of 10 people in Toronto on Monday has brought attention to the “incel” community, an extremist misogynistic group of men who are “involuntary celibate” (or “incel,” for short).

(Link): Canadian authorities have said that prior to the attack, Alek Minassian, the 25-year-old who allegedly drove a rental van into a crowd, posted messages on his Facebook referencing the ideology of the involuntary celibate community and calling for an “incel rebellion.”

Why do incels hate women?

Incels are cisgender and heterosexual men who have trouble finding sexual partners. They congregate on Internet forums like 4chan — which allows users to post to message boards anonymously — where they vent their frustrations about women who do not accept their sexual advances, and the men that women seem to prefer.

The community has its own terminology to describe the people who frustrate them. Good-looking men who attract women easily are called “Chads.”

“Stacys” are women who reject incels in favor of “Chads.” Incels also call women “femoids,” a derogatory term.

The group is exclusively male, or at least in far as Internet avatars can suggest, because incels believe that (Link): women can’t be involuntary celibates. According to Aditi Natasha Kini, a journalist who (Link): wrote about the incel community for Vice late last year, the incel community believes that “women always get sex, regardless of how ugly they are.”

What does the incel community want?
In forums, those who identify as involuntary celibate often vent about their sexual frustrations in crude terms, but many posts go much further. “All women are sluts,” (Link): one incel titled his post. “Proof that girls are nothing but trash that use men,” (Link): another wrote.

Incels (Link): decry women in categorical terms, and some advocate rape and call for mass violence. Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in 2014, (Link): is considered a “saint” by these misogynistic extremists because he ranted against women in his manifesto.

Minassian, the alleged Toronto attacker who has been charged with first-degree murder, seems to have harbored many of these extreme views. In (Link): a recent Facebook post, Minassian wrote: “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

According to news reports, members of the incel community (Link): have praised Minassian for the violence he is accused of committing.

What has been done to curtail this extremist group?

Awareness of the incel community has been limited, but in late 2017, the community took a hit when Reddit shut down a (Link): 40,000-member involuntary celibate subreddit because of posts using hateful and violent language.

Nonetheless, incel community conversations continue on other parts of Reddit and on the infamous troll forum 4chan and its offshoot, 8chan.

Because of this, some worry that male supremacist groups have been allowed to thrive for too long due to the decentralized and under-regulated nature of Internet forums.

… [Related, off site link]:  After Toronto attack, online misogynists praise suspect as ‘new saint’

Excerpts from that off-site link:

Before allegedly killing 10 people with a van in Toronto, Alek Minassian appeared to have posted a message on Facebook that linked him to a toxic online community of misogynists that has become the source of a growing pattern of violence.

The Facebook post, which authorities who spoke with NBC News believe came from Minassian, links Minassian to an online community known as “incels,” short for involuntary celibates. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation also reported that Facebook confirmed the authenticity of the post.

Self-described incels congregate mostly online, meeting in forums and message boards like Reddit and 4chan, and its offshoot site 8chan, to discuss their hopelessness with women in posts that are peppered with racist and misogynistic rants. “Chads” are incel-speak for good-looking men, who incels believe can’t be one of them. “Stacys” are the women who find “Chads” attractive.

The Facebook message also refers admiringly to Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in Isla Vista, California, in 2014, and left behind a manifesto and videos detailing his sexual frustration as the motivation for his violence.

Rodger has since emerged as a source of inspiration among the incel community.

…While some posters questioned whether Minassian, 25, was a “fakecel” — the term for someone whose average looks disqualifies him from community membership — most hailed him as a hero of the movement.

…Violence perpetrated by men connected to misogynistic online communities has become systemic enough to warrant attention from organizations that track hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center added misogynistic organizations to their list of hate groups for the first time this year.

Heidi Beirich, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, said that the incel community mostly consists of aggrieved young men, who have found a natural home on 4chan and darker parts of Reddit.

“They’re young, frustrated white males in their late teens into their early twenties who are having a hard time adjusting to adulthood. They’re the same kinds of people you find in white supremacy writ large,” Beirich said. “They have grievances about the world they’ve placed onto women and black people.“

…. Beirich called incels a subgroup of both the men’s rights activist and alt-right movements.

“You’d be shocked at the amount of violence, raping, killing and attacking of women they advocate,” Beirich said. “In the case of Elliot Rodger, there was violence on a mass scale.”

Reddit banned the channel r/incels in November, citing a violation of its “violent content” rules. The shutdown followed a number of posts where members seemed to be advocating for rape and specifically one cross post in the channel r/legaladvice where a frequent r/incels poster appeared to be soliciting tips for how to get away with rape.

.. [After Reddit banned the original group…] Quickly, members of the community moved over to r/braincels, which called itself a “fun, energizing, and thought-provoking atmosphere for incel culture.”

…This wouldn’t be the first time a mass murderer blamed involuntary celibacy for his crimes.

In 2009, before the internet gave incels a known place to congregate, George Sodini walked into an L.A. Fitness gym in Pittsburgh and shot up a women’s aerobics class, killing four, including himself. Sodini left behind a blogwhere he detailed his plans and complained of rejection from women.

 “There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive,” he wrote.

/// end excperts

Regarding this quote by the loser, Sodini:

 “There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive,” he wrote.

/// end quote

Sodini was not an attractive guy. My guess is like most sexist, bratty men who complain about being single and women not wanting to date them, those “30 million” he considers attractive are probably all Barbie-doll look-alikes – Sodini probably was not willing to settle for an average-looking woman.

Nope, he had to have an air-brushed Barbie!

This is why so many of these sexist ass hats are single for so long.  They all feel entitled to a Barbie, no matter how ugly, sexist, hateful, or repulsive they are.

The NBC article (Link) also quotes this:

Rodger closed his manifesto with: “All I ever wanted was to love women, and in turn to be loved by them back. Their behavior towards me has only earned my hatred, and rightfully so! I am the true victim in all of this. I am the good guy.”

/// end quotes

No, no. Roger Elliot didn’t want to love women, not all women.

Roger Elliot, like all the other sexist whiners, only wanted the air-brushed Barbie dolls he sees in magazine ads, in movies, or at his school.

Did he ever give the time of day to the average looking, nice, smart girls he went to school with? Nope.

Lastly, these Incel guys have turned sex into an Idol. They are worshipping sex, even if they are not having it.

They are also identifying themselves mostly by their sexual status. I know I blog here often about celibacy and like topics, but I don’t sit around day in and day out mulling it over all the time – I don’t identify myself only or predominantly by my sexuality.

Anyone who does – whether an LGBT rights person, the Transgenders, or these Incels – are not well-adjusted people. They are weird for over-fixating on sex and sexuality and for defining themselves by sex or sexual status. They need to get a hobby – one that doesn’t have anything to do with sex.

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