The Media Should Stop Ignoring When Sexual Misconduct Perpetrators Are Married

The Media Should Stop Ignoring When Sexual Misconduct Perpetrators Are Married

Yes, and conservative Christians should stop ignoring that some adulterers and sexual perverts are MARRIED, and they are cheating on their spouses, in some cases, with OTHER MARRIED PEOPLE.

Why do I feel Christians should stop ignoring this?

Because most Christians continue to stigmatize single adults – especially single women – because they feel that single adults present a threat to married people. They believe that all single women want to strike up affairs with married men, that all unmarried individuals are horn-dogs who have sex with 54 different people per week.

(Link): The Media Should Stop Ignoring When Sexual Misconduct Perpetrators Are Married


by Timothy P. Carney
June 14, 2018

There’s a new detailed account of how New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush repeatedly would fondle or kiss journalistic colleagues after hours, or take home inebriated women. But you have to read about 3,000 words to learn one detail: He’s married.

Even then, that fact is mentioned only once, in passing, in a quote. And the lack of care for that fact is the norm. A separate Vanity Fairstory on Thrush this week is 1,300 words and it never mentions his marital status.

This is the pattern in #MeToo reporting, as my colleague Emily Jashinsky laid out in January. For instance, the Washington Post’sstory on former Rep. Pat Meehan’s hitting on a young female aide never mentions that he’s married. Jashinsky added other examples.

…When I tweeted out Jashinsky’s story, quite a lot of the responses I got amounted to “who cares?”

 1. There’s a second victim here: the wife.

2. If the dude is married, he is more clearly simply using the other woman as a sexual object.

3. Old married guys are supposed to be safe.

I can only imagine that being an attractive young woman means often worrying whether every male who is being friendly to you, who wants to spend any time with you, who takes an interest in your interests or your career or your struggles — whether every such guy is really just seeking a romantic or sexual relationship with you. Even if it’s unavoidable, that has to be exhausting and disheartening.

One safe harbor would be finding female confidants. But if you want a boss, or an older mentor, the sad fact is there are a lot more guys in those roles of power than there are women.

Another safe harbor ought to be old married dudes. A young female actress or journalist ought to be able to let her guard down if the dude she’s talking to and sharing with has a wife, lives in the suburbs, and has gray hair. He’s not supposed to be on the prowl.

That means a woman might make herself more vulnerable when meeting with or talking with such a guy. That makes his improper actions that much more disturbing and violative. …


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