You Tube Host Explains Why She’s Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex

You Tube Host Explains Why She’s Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex

(Link): You Tube Host Explains Why She’s Waiting Until Mariage to Have Sex

She thinks abstinence protects you physically and emotionally

A YouTube blogger has posted a video to her thousands of followers explaining why she will not have sex until her wedding night – and wants to encourage other women who are contemplating doing the same.

Courtney Raine, a 21-year-old model and blogger, discussed the topic of abstinence on YouTube in her video titled: “UNSPOKEN Truth About Waiting Until Marriage,” which has been viewed more than 92,000 times.

Speaking to her 10,000 followers, the blogger said she understands that the subject is often off-limits but she said she wanted to “talk to the girl out there that wants to wait until marriage, but in this day and age, with, you know, pop culture and television and the music out there and everything she sees on social media, doesn’t think that it’s possible.”

Raine’s own decision to refrain from sex until marriage was made when she was very young and she decided she wanted to “stay pure.”

Raised as a devout Catholic, Raine said the choice wasn’t uncommon – but it was her own.

According to Raine, waiting until you’ve met the “right person” is the biggest benefit – as you’ll know “that person is in it for you.”

The blogger also discussed how she believes abstinence can protect you emotionally as well as physically – including from pregnancy, diseases, and feelings associated with someone other than your future husband.

In addition to describing how her choice has impacted her own past relationships, Raine also recalled conversations she’s had with other women in which they’d expressed their regret over not waiting to have sex.

…Reaction from her followers was mixed. One appeared to have gained some encouragement from her words, saying: “I’m waiting as well, my biggest problem is judgement that I get from other people. Especially people who don’t follow a religion. I have found that having some friends with similar beliefs as you is important. Never allow anyone to make you feel bad for your choice or steer you away from your commitment! We got this!”

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