Tennessee Pastor Allegedly Rapes Teen at Worship Center

Tennessee Pastor Allegedly Rapes Teen at Worship Center

And it’s precisely news stories like this (and here are even more examples) that changed my mind into dumping the Christian “equally yoked” teaching, and pretty much disregarding my Christian set of parents advice about looking for a spouse in a church.

Why should I bother with either one of those teachings when so many church-attending Christian men are rapists, abusers, or other types of perverts? Here’s another example:

(Link): Tennessee Pastor Allegedly Rapes Teen at Worship Center

July 2018

by K. Lam

A Tennessee pastor was arrested Saturday after he allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl at a worship center, police said.

James “Ronnie” Messer, 46, a pastor in Morristown, was taken into custody after the teenage girl’s family reported the allegations.

Messer and the girl were initially supposed to go swimming, but their plans were put on hold because of bad conditions.

Messer then took the girl to Crossway Worship Center, where he raped the 17-year-old in the men’s bathroom, according to police.

He later told police he believed the encounter was consensual.

The pastor was released on bond on Tuesday. It’s unclear whether he has a lawyer.

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