The Dating Swamp: How Finding Love in DC May Be Impossible For Young Trump and GOP Staffers – Liberals Hypocritically Insist You Date Transgender Persons But Not Trump Voters

The Dating Swamp: How Finding Love in DC May Be Impossible For Young Trump and GOP Staffers – Liberals Hypocritically Insist You Date Transgender Persons But Not Trump Voters

(Disclaimer: I personally did not vote for anyone in the 2016 Presidential race, because I did not care for any of the candidates)

Wait. I’m confused.

Most Liberals insist other people date not based on personal preferences but on political correctness.

So, for example, pro-Trans activist Liberals yell and scream at CIS Lesbian women to date Trans women, even though many lesbians have made it clear they prefer to date other CIS (lesbian) women.

But now, liberals are not willing to date Republicans or Trump voters? They will supposedly date, or advocate that others date, people with penises who claim to be women, but they won’t date Republicans or whomever or whatever differing political persuasion? What?

(Link): The Dating Swamp: How Finding Love in DC May Be Impossible For Young Trump and GOP Staffers


Trying to find love in D.C. can be tricky. If you’re a young Trump administration staffer, it might be near impossible.

GOP employees and other right-wingers have been complaining that dating in one of the most Democratic cities in America is a political minefield.

They’ve been called out, flipped off and told they are personally responsible for the death of democracy.

One 29-year-old lobbyist told Fox News that learning to date in a Trump world is “absolutely insane.”

 “It’s getting so bad,” the lobbyist, who asked to remain anonymous because she works with the administration, said.

She, like several people Fox News spoke to, says they’re often raked over hot coals by prospective dates online or simply denied when someone finds out they work – or even voted – for President Trump.

“I always considered myself a more moderate Republican so some of the things we did talk about, I generally agreed with – things like frustration over partisanship, gridlock, how the discourse against certain groups of people have become unfortunately darker,” he said.

He says when the girl found out his boss leaned conservative, Jativa “was immediately called ‘disgusting’ and an ‘enabler’ of racism… of misogyny.”

Suffice it to say, they called it quits.

Another senior Hill staffer told Fox News that she’s been harassed on dating sites so much that she and her friends “stick to our own” these days.

“It’s disheartening,” she said. “Basically, we now all date one another. It’s safer that way. I have a group of friends who are all pretty conservative and we end up dating in the same circle. I didn’t think coming to the heart of the nation’s capital would be like this, but it’s a reality these days.”

Ted Dooley, executive director of the college Republican National Committee, says he’s heard numerous horror stories of conservatives being berated for their beliefs.

“It reflects the larger tone of our environment that extremists like (Rep.) Maxine Waters, (D-Calif.), are encouraging fringe extremists on the political left to verbally and physically berate those with differing opinions,” he told Fox News. “It’s no surprise that her encouragement has seeped into the personal interactions young people have in all aspects of their lives.”

Relationship expert Christine Bacon said she isn’t surprised by the open hostility from the left.

“It saddens me,” she said.

Bacon, an evangelical Catholic who met her husband in a nightclub 35 years ago, adds that “opposites attract but not in terms of politics because it’s typically based on personality – introverts versus extroverts type of thing.”

Liberals are okay with moralizing at other people, insisting straight (or lesbian) women should be just fine with dating trans women and so on and so forth, but they won’t date people who vote differently from them, or who have different political views. They’re sure not consistent on their dating criteria.

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