STUDY: Like Females, Males Suffer Melancholy After Sex

STUDY: Like Females, Males Suffer Melancholy After Sex…

(Link): STUDY: Like Females, Males Suffer Melancholy After Sex…


According to a new paper titled Postcoital Dysphoria: Prevalence and Correlates among Males published in the (Link): Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, men can and do suffer from Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD).

Symptoms include feelings of sadness, tearfulness or irritability following sex.

While (Link): previous findings show the condition to be common in women, there had been no prior research into whether the same could be said for men, say Masters student Joel Maczkowiack and Professor Robert Schweitzer from Queensland University of Technology’s School of Psychology and Counselling.

“Forty-one per cent of the participants reported experiencing PCD in their lifetime with 20 per cent reporting they had experienced it in the previous four weeks. Up to four per cent suffered from PCD on a regular basis.”

…”Another described feeling ’emotionless and empty’ in contrast to the men who experienced the post coital experience positively, and used descriptors such as a ‘feeling of well-being, satisfaction, contentment’ and closeness to their partner,” he adds.

….Mr Maczkowiack says it’s also obvious that PCD has existed in men for a while based on anecdotal evidence and online blogs and recounts.

“It has, for example, been established that couples who engage in talking, kissing, and cuddling following sexual activity report greater sexual and relationship satisfaction, demonstrating that the resolution phase is important for bonding and intimacy,” he adds.

“So the negative affective state which defines PCD has potential to cause distress to the individual, as well as the partner, disrupt important relationship processes, and contribute to distress and conflict within the relationship, and impact upon sexual and relationship functioning.”

“These assumptions are pervasive within masculine sub-culture and include that males always desire and experience sex as pleasurable. The experience of PCD contradicts these dominant cultural assumptions about the male experience sexual activity and of the resolution phase,” concludes Maczkowiack.

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