Married Man Looking to Cheat is Mocked After Leaving a Crib in the Background on His Tinder (Dating Site) Photo

Married Man Looking to Cheat is Mocked After Leaving a Crib in the Background on His Tinder (Dating Site) Photo

Parenthood and marriage do not make all people more godly, mature, and responsible. Which you should already know, unless you’re a conservative, complementarian Christian who has made an idol out of the Nuclear Family, in which case the following story may shock you.

(Link): Married man, 42, is ripped apart for posting a topless selfie on Tinder looking for an affair – and he scores ‘douchebag points’ for leaving a MOSES basket in the background 

(Link): Married father gets shredded online for Tinder profile looking for affair 

A married father has been labelled a ‘douchebag’ after posting a Tinder profile of himself looking for an affair.

But it’s not the extramarital activity that has most people riled up.

The unnamed man uploaded a photo to the dating app, careful to crop out his head, and simply named himself ‘P’, so as to not be identified by his wife.

“Married, home alone tonight looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more … sorry there is no head shot, too risky but will send one in you are interested (in) calling over,” he wrote alongside the image.

…Sadly, this type of behavior is far more common than you may think.

According to a 2015 study by GlobalWebIndex (GWI), which surveyed over 47,000 internet users around the world, 30 percent of Tinder users surveyed are married, and 12 percent are in a relationship.

Also, just 54 percent of the users are single, while 3 percent are divorced or widowed.

But don’t let those sad statistics lead you astray if you’re looking for love in the online world. Couples who meet online may be more compatible than those who meet in person.

So keep swiping right for LOVE! But avoid the profiles that look like this: There are red flags all over this bad boy.

(Link): Married Man Looking to Cheat is Mocked After Leaving a Crib in the Background on His Tinder (Dating Site) Photo

July 2018

Word of advice: If you’re looking for a hookup on a dating app, maybe don’t mention that you’re planning to cheat on your wife, or include a picture of a crib in the background of your profile picture.

It doesn’t inspire a burst of passion and a right swipe, does it?

The man, who went by the name “P,” listed that he was alone in his home in north Dublin and was looking for someone to share a “bottle of wine, beer and more” with — also he’s married. That’s what he leads with: “Married.” Does he get points for honesty?

A screenshot of his profile was shared by a woman named Linda on Twitter.

One can only assume that the “and more” means “helping me tend to my baby while the missus is away.”

Twitter users did not hold back while they ripped into the adulterous man.



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