If You’re Choosing Not to Have Kids, You’ll Want to Read This by K. Langslet

If You’re Choosing Not to Have Kids, You’ll Want to Read This by K. Langslet

(Link): If You’re Choosing Not to Have Kids, You’ll Want to Read This by K. Langslet


I don’t know what it is about my decision to not have kids that absolutely infuriates so many people who have nothing to do with my womb or life choices, but the topic seems to come up on a weekly basis—sometimes even two or three times a week.

The thing is, I love children, and I totally respect the decision of my friends and family members who have had or plan on having kids. I just don’t want any of my own.

In an era when people are so overly concerned about what women are choosing to do with their bodies, it’s not surprising that everyone and their mum has an opinion on the activities (or lack thereof) of my uterus because — God forbid — I’m 33 and have an empty womb.

…  If you’d like, you’re welcome to use any and all of these personally tried-and-tested arguments when you’re confronted with someone who questions your choice to stay child-free:

I know I’m not the fittest fiddle in the… fiddle store; I’ve got a few wobbly bits, but they’re my own.

And while I think that C-section scars and stretch marks are beautiful on mothers, testaments to their sacrifice and love, I can tell you for certain that they are not for me.

I have enough scars as it is, great boobs, and a pretty fantastic vagina that I’d like to keep intact.

Frankly, I don’t want to waste the best of my able-bodied, good-looking years on kids.

Call me shallow, call me selfish… or just call me honest. The idea of dealing with complications (or lifelong, enduring pain) after childbirth sounds deeply unappealing.

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