Chris Watts Accused Of Having Affair With A Man He Met On Homosexual Dating Site Before Allegedly Killing Wife and Kids

Chris Watts Accused Of Having Affair With A Man He Met On Homosexual Dating Site Before Allegedly Killing Wife and Kids

Let’s hear it for those false Christian teachings about marriage and fatherhood!

Like, it’s supposedly necessary (many conservative Christians and their think tanks insist) for someone to get married and have children to be fully mature self-less and responsible. And supposedly if everyone was in a Nuclear Family, all sin in the United States would cease to exist!

Next, we have some Christians who teach or imply that marriage is some kind of reward for those who become godly or develop some other qualities (yes, some of the Christian literature I read as I was growing up taught this sort of thing).

As you can see, though, from all the losers (like the guy below) who do end up getting married, a person does not have to be godly, wonderful, physically attractive, responsible, or mature, to gain a spouse. God is obviously not with-holding spouses from the inept or sleazy – if he were, we wouldn’t see losers like this one getting married.

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…”I asked him to make sure he’s not bisexual cause he had two children. He told me he didn’t know. At that moment he was attracted to me as a male,” the man told Banfield.

The man even bizarrely claims he spent time with Watts’ family after he was apparently reassured by Watts that he no longer had sex with his wife.

US TV host Ashleigh Banfield – who fronts the show Crime & Justice – said she spoke to the man but admits she can’t stand up his claims.

“He reached out to me and messaged me,'” the man alleged.

 “It was small talk. He told me his age. He had two daughters.

“He told me he was looking for a relationship in the long run.

“I asked why his profile said straight. He said he was not out and not ready to be out as far as sexuality.”

Watts was said to have been having an affair with a female colleague, however the man now alleges Watts, 33, was not sure of his sexuality.

(Link): Chris Watts Accused Of Having Affair With A Man Before Allegedly Killing Wife & Kids — Watch


A man went on live TV on Aug. 28 and claimed he had alleged 10-month affair with Chris Watts before Chris allegedly killed his pregnant wife and two daughters. The alleged lover also claimed he met Chris’ kids!

Chris Watts, 33, (Link): admitted to an affair with a co-worker, according to his arrest affidavit, and now an unidentified man has come forward to allege he had a sexual relationship with Chris.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous and whose claims have not been verified, went on the air during Ashleigh Banfield’s Crime & Justice show on Aug. 28 and claimed he had an alleged sexual relationship with Chris for 10 months before Chris allegedly killed his (Link): pregnant wife, Shan’ann, 34, and two young daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in Aug. 2018.

Chris and the man allegedly met on the app called MeetMe. “He messaged me,” the man alleged on the show. “It all seemed very innocent at first. On the profile, it didn’t have a last name or anything. It just had his last initial. He was listed as straight and not bi or homosexual, so I was kind of off put by it and then we talked for a while and he just told me he wasn’t truly out or comfortable being out.”

Chris and the man allegedly met in person soon after connecting on MeetMe. “The first time we met he came over to the place I was staying in Loveland, Colorado, which is a pretty much a neighboring town to Frederick,” Chris’ alleged gay lover said. “It was clear that he was interested in me and attracted to me.”

The man claims he was intimate with Chris that night, and they had an off and off sexual relationship for 10 months until April 2018.

The unidentified man said that Chris told him about his children, but did not say he was still married initially…

…Chris is currently facing 9 charges, including counts of first-degree murder for the killings of his wife and two daughters.

December 2018 Update

(Link): Leading a double life: While appearing as a family man, Chris Watts wrote love letters to another woman before murdering wife, 2 daughters

(Link): Beneath appearance of perfect family, Christopher Watts lied and cheated even as his wife attempted to save their marriage 

As concerned messages and calls about his missing wife lit up his phone and the bodies of his daughters sank in Weld County oil tanks less than 100 feet from his truck, Christopher Watts planned his new life as a bachelor.

He called his daughters’ preschool to unenroll them. He exchanged text messages with a real estate agent about selling the family’s large Frederick home, the house that made them seem like any other suburban family.

Minutes after speaking with his mother-in-law, who was wondering about Shanann Watts’ well-being, he searched online for coupons to Aspen resorts, phone records released by investigators show.

He looked up the lyrics to a Metallica song, the chorus of which includes: “Pounding out aggression/Turns into obsession/Cannot kill the battery/Cannot kill the family.”

Hours had passed without anyone hearing from Shanann.

“What the heck is going on with you guys that she would totally shut out everything?” a friend texted. “It’s not like her.”

Watts tried to allay everyone’s fears. He asked them not to call police.

He knew where his pregnant wife and daughters were, after all. He had buried Shanann in a shallow grave near where he sat in his truck. He dumped the bodies of his daughters — 3-year-old Celeste and 4-year-old Bella — in the oil tanks at his work site.

The text messages and Watts’ phone searches are just a few of the details in the 1,960 pages of documents in the case released last week after Watts was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his family. The documents show how a meticulous investigation into a seemingly happy and normal Colorado family revealed an underbelly of heartache, disloyalty and financial instability.

The Watts family’s appearance as the perfect family drew people to the case, Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke said. The beautiful girls grinned toothily in family photos. Shanann appeared successful and hardworking — the mother who had it all.

The family’s image soon contrasted with the brutality of the murder of Shanann and her girls and the careless disposal of their bodies. People across the globe fixated on Watts’ interview with local TV reporters the day after the disappearances where he pleaded for his family’s return.

…A normal family

Friends told investigators that Shanann was a highly organized helicopter mom. Clothes in the family’s home were organized by clothing type and color. Christopher was her opposite — quiet and passive. Both parents adored their little girls.

The two personalities for the most part worked well together, friends told police. Shanann could be controlling, friends said, and Christopher could be too passive. Still, the couple were affectionate and appeared in love.

Shanann, though, worried about her marriage and texted with friends about problems. She told them that her husband barely touched her the week they were together in North Carolina. While they were apart, Christopher had been cold and didn’t answer her calls or texts.

She told a few close friends that Christopher had said he didn’t want a baby and that he felt their marriage wasn’t compatible anymore. She asked him if he was having an affair. He denied it.

…Friends told investigators that the Watts family had been living above their means. The couple had discussed selling the house and relocating to less expensive Brighton. Christopher told investigators the family spent more than $500 a week for the girls’ day care. They were three months behind on their mortgage, and their credit cards were maxed out.

…When Watts was arrested, friends struggled to reconcile the quiet family man they thought they knew with a murderer. Nobody could fathom Watts killing his girls.

…But friends didn’t know one key fact about Watts: He had been cheating on his wife since late June.

Two days after his family was reported missing, even as frantic searches for his wife and children continued, Watts transferred a semi-nude photo of his girlfriend into a secret phone app he used to communicate with her.

…Watts’ relationship with the woman, Nichol Kessinger, intensified after Shanann and the girls left June 27 to visit family in North Carolina for six weeks. He called Kessinger his “sexy empanada,” records show.

“I’m so hooked on you,” Watts texted Kessinger on June 29. “Sleeping without your warm body next to me isn’t going to be fun tonight.”

Kessinger deleted much of her conversation with Watts before turning in her phone to police, and many texts were missing from Watts’ phone, according to the investigative documents.

But records show how Watts continuously ignored his wife’s texts and calls from North Carolina while spending time with Kessinger. He repeatedly told Shanann that he had fallen asleep early.

During one call with his wife, Watts simultaneously transferred a nude photo of his mistress into the app, called Secret Calculator, that he used on his phone to store images of Kessinger. The app appears to be a normal calculator, but when a user types in a passcode, it turns into a storage drive where people can hide photos and contacts.

While Shanann was away, Watts searched online for answers to questions such as “When to say I love you for first time in a new relationship?” Meanwhile, Kessinger searched “Man I’m having an affair with says he will leave his wife.”

…Shanann flew to Arizona on Aug. 10 for work and, for the first time in weeks, seemed optimistic about her marriage. She read a book titled “Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love” and sent one to the house for Christopher to read.

Three days later, Shanann, Bella and Celeste were dead. Investigators later found Watts’ unread copy of the book in the trash.

…Multiple people claimed to have had sexual relationships with Watts, including a man from Wyoming. One woman said she went on a Tinder date with Watts. Police spent hours tracking down those people but didn’t find those relationships verifiable.

(Link): Days Before Murdering Entire Family for ‘Fresh Start,’ Chris Watts Gushed to Mistress in Love Note


Addictive, unique, wonderful — “an amazing, inspirational and electric woman.”

This is how Colorado father Chris Watts described his romantic infatuation this summer. But he wasn’t talking about his wife. He was gushing over his mistress, a co-worker with whom he had begun an affair that, authorities believe, eventually drove him to murder his entire family on Aug. 13 in the pre-dawn darkness at their Frederick home.

Prosecutors have said Watts, 33, was thinking of a “fresh start” with a “new love” when he strangled his wife of nearly six years, 34-year-old Shanann Watts, with his bare hands and smothered their daughters Bella and Celeste, also likely with just his bare hands.


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