Scientists Shocked by Stingray’s Spectacular Virgin Birth

(Link): Scientists Shocked by Stingray’s Spectacular Virgin Birth


In a shocking scientific discovery, a female eagle ray has given birth without having contact with a male for nine years.

We repeat, nine years. That’s not a typo.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium staff have been shocked by the birth of Ani in a rare cloning process called parthenogenesis.

Ani is, of course, short for Anakin, better known as Darth Vader, because he also had no father.

Freckle, an 11-year-old eagle ray, proved she doesn’t need a man when she gave birth last month in a tank with six other female ocellated eagle rays, two leopard sharks, a white-spotted guitarfish (also a ray) and many colorful and varied “bony” fish.

She has had no contact with a male since early 2009.

Staffers say Ani is in good health, swimming, eating and demonstrating the habits of a happy and healthy baby eagle ray that loves eating mussels and pilchards.

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