Transgender Bathroom Crime Study Misses The Mark – Transgenderism and Women’s Privacy

Transgender Bathroom Crime Study Misses The Mark – Transgenderism and Women’s Privacy

(Link): New “Transgender Bathroom Crime” Study Misses The Mark

Interesting comment at the bottom of the page by Miles Coburn:

What gets me is abortion was greenlit in society on the basis of “penumbras of privacy” on the part of women’s rights. And now, actual privacy concerns are being disregarded.

Now that he mentions it, yes: why do so many liberals insist that a woman should have a right to privacy regarding abortion (and not every woman gets one), but a lot of women use public bathrooms and restrooms, and these same liberals believe that biological women don’t deserve privacy? That a biological man’s rights (a man who thinks he is a woman) trumps a woman’s privacy or right to safety?

I remember back in the 1980s and into the 1990s, many liberals said, in the context of advocating for gay sex and for Bill Clinton (our former fornicator in chief) that what two consenting adults do is their business, and the public should let them do what they want in private.

But if you are a biological woman who expresses any kind of concern for whatever the reason of biological men being permitted into women’s spaces because that man claims to be a woman, liberals start screaming at you that you don’t deserve privacy, you’re a bigot, and they are shoving someone else’s sexuality (which should kind of be private) into your face publicly, and asking you to do more than tolerate it, but to celebrate it to.

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