Man Who Posed as Housewife Pleads Guilty to Posting Secretly Recorded Sex Videos With Other Men (who are Hetero)

Man Who Posed as Housewife Pleads Guilty to Posting Secretly Recorded Sex Videos With Other Men (who are Hetero)

This article doesn’t go into much detail, but from what it says, these men were duped and lured to this man’s house thinking they were going to have sex with a woman – yet they didn’t notice the person that was performing sex acts on them was a man? I’m not clear if they allowed themselves to be blind-folded or what.

Even so, if I were the kind of person to engage in casual sex with strangers I’ve never met before, I sure as hell would not be so trusting. I would not agree to go to their home, on their turf, or agree to be restrained, blind-folder, gagged, etc etc.

(Link): Man Who Posed as Housewife Pleads Guilty to Posting Secretly Recorded Sex Videos With Other Men

September 2018

The South Florida man secretly recorded himself engaging in sexual activity with at least 80 men and posted the videos on porn sites without their consent.

…Bryan Deneumostier, 32, also known by the screen name “susanleon33326,” pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal interception of oral communications.

“Deneumostier admitted that he recorded himself engaging in sexual activity with approximately 150 men that were featured on his website and that approximately 80 of those did not know that he was recording them,” the Department of Justice confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

According to a law-enforcement document obtained by the Miami Herald in July, when Deneumostier was arrested, federal agents believe Deneumostier lured his victims by posing as a “real, heterosexual female” housewife on Craigslist who was seeking a clandestine fling at her home near the Homestead Reserve Air Base in Miami-Dade County.

“When the men ask for assurances that there are no cameras, he assured them that ‘she’s’ married to someone in the army and she would never photograph or video them,” the document stated.

One of the pornographic sites to which Deneumostier uploaded videos, according to court documents, was “StraightBoyz,” which he helped operate from 2014 to 2018. The now-defunct subscription site claimed to show heterosexual men being blindfolded and conned into sex acts with other men.

“The website offered approximately 619 videos of ‘hook-ups’ between Deneumostier and other men,” a court document stated. “In many of the videos … the individuals, at Deneumostier’s direction, wore a blindfold and restraints and could not see the defendant or the room in which they were located.”
Deneumostier will be sentenced on Nov. 29 at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

(Link): These men were promised anonymous sex. They wound up on a porn site instead.

The men thought they were going to a South Miami-Dade house for a casual and clandestine tryst with a bored housewife.

Once there, the men agreed to be blindfolded, and for sex acts to be performed on them.

What the victims did not know, federal agents say, is that the supposed housewife was a cross-dressing man named Bryan Deneumostier — and he was uploading videos to a porn website and charging users to view them.

Federal agents late Tuesday arrested Deneumostier, 33, of Homestead and charged him with five charges related to the operation of “StraightBoyz,” which promised gay men videos of real straight men being conned into accepting sex acts, all while blindfolded or wearing blacked-out goggles.

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