‘Men Are 100% Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies’ Writes Blogger in Viral Twitter Thread

‘Men Are 100% Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies’ Writes Blogger in Viral Twitter Thread

(Link): ‘Men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies’ writes blogger in viral Twitter thread

‘Stop trying to control women’s bodies and sexuality’

A blogger from Oakland, California has become a viral sensation after sharing her views on abortion on Twitter, in which she argues that “all unwanted pregnancies are caused by the the irresponsible ejaculations of men”.

Gabrielle Blair, a Mormon and mother-of-six, began her series of tweets by claiming that men have “zero interest in stopping abortion” and are almost entirely responsible for accidental pregnancies.

“Women can only get pregnant about two days each month,” she writes. “And that’s for a limited number of years.

“That makes 24 days a year where a woman might get pregnant. But men can cause pregnancy 365 days a year.

“In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily. In theory, a man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in just one year.”

Blair goes on to explain that unlike women, who become menopausal, men may continue to produce viable sperm from puberty to death, “so it’s easy to see men are the issue here,” she writes.

The author also touched on the controversies surrounding birth control, describing it as “the greatest invention of the last century,” but one that often leaves women battling “brutal” side effects.

Blair referenced a recent trial by the World Health Organisation which set out to create a contraceptive injection for men.

The trial was stopped after participants reported too many side effects: “and the list of side effects was about a third as long as the known side effects for women’s oral contraception,” she writes.

The blogger continues to hail the benefits of using condoms – “women love when men use condoms. They keep us from getting STDs, they don’t lessen our pleasure during sex” – but argued that men don’t feel the same level of appreciation.

“Men don’t love condoms,” she writes.

“In fact, men frequently pressure women to have sex without a condom.”

She added that some men remove condoms during sex without the woman’s permission or knowledge in order to maximise their own pleasure, an abominable practise which is sometimes referred to as “stealthing”.
“So, there are men willing to risk getting a woman pregnant – which means literally risking her life, her health, her social status, her relationships, and her career, so that they can experience a few minutes of slightly more pleasure,” she continues.

“Men regularly choose to put women at massive risk by having non-condom sex, in order to experience a few minutes of slightly more pleasure.

“It’s mind-boggling and disturbing when you realise that’s the choice men are making. We’ve trained men from birth that their pleasure is of utmost importance in the world.”
Blair points out that biologically, men cannot impregnate women without experiencing an orgasm and therefore concludes that “getting a woman pregnant is a pleasurable act for men.”

“But did you further know that men can get a woman pregnant without her feeling any pleasure at all?” she adds.

“In fact, it’s totally possible for a man to impregnate a woman even while causing her excruciating pain, trauma or horror.

“In contrast, a woman can have non-stop orgasms with or without a partner and never once get herself pregnant.

“A woman’s orgasm has literally nothing to do with pregnancy or fertility — her clitoris exists not for creating new babies, but simply for pleasure.”

Blair concludes by calling on people to stop protesting outside abortion clinics and stop shaming women for unwanted pregnancies.

“If you actually care about reducing or eliminating the number of abortions in our country, simply hold men responsible for their actions,” she writes, hailing the benefits of vasectomies as a “safe” and “totally reversible” form of contraception, though the NHS states that vasectomy reversals are a complicated procedure that is not always guaranteed to work.

“Men could eliminate abortions in three months or less without ever touching an abortion law or evening mentioning women,” she continues.

“Stop trying to control women’s bodies and sexuality.”

Blair’s tweets have been liked hundreds of thousands of time, with the original tweet garnering 184,000 likes and 72,500 retweets since it was posted on Thursday.

 She has attracted criticism and praise for her candour in equal measure, with some people agreeing wholeheartedly with her argument and others vehemently disagreeing, describing her comments as “absurd” and “a bit unfair”.

“Truly the best argument I’ve ever read on the abortion issue,” wrote one person.

“I have an 18-year-old daughter and you’ve given her a concise, intelligent, powerful perspective on her life. That’s priceless to me.”

Another added: “As a father of both a boy and a girl, I realise I have a lot to teach both of them about their own choices and respecting others’ choices.

“My own internal dialogue reading this made me question my own experiences and is probably going to build on a convo with my wife, thanks!”


(Link): Why Some Men Are Obsessed with Inseminating as Many Women as Possible by E.J. Dickson

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