The Not-So-Great Reason Divorce Rates Are Declining by Joe Pinsker

(Link): The Not-So-Great Reason Divorce Rates Are Declining by Joe Pinsker


What’s changed isn’t marriage, but the types of people who are likeliest to get married.

Sept 25, 2018

….The point he was making was that people with college degrees are now more likely to get married than those who have no more than a high-school education.

And the key to understanding the declining divorce rate, Cherlin says, is that it is “going down some for everybody,” but “the decline has been steepest for the college graduates.”

The reason that’s the case is that college graduates tend to wait longer to get married as they focus on their career.

And they tend to have the financial independence to postpone marriage until they’re more confident it will work.

This has translated to lower rates of divorce: “If you’re older, you’re more mature … you probably have a better job, and those things make it less likely that you’ll get into arguments with your spouse,” Cherlin says.

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