Hetero CIS Woman Conned Into Having Sex With Trans-man Who Didn’t Tell Her He was First a She

Hetero CIS Woman Conned Into Having Sex With Trans-man Who Didn’t Tell Her He was First a She

Sounds as though this deviant placed her selfish sexual preferences and desires above the welfare of this other woman in the news story.

I think another thing this news story goes to show is that not only do some men (that is, honest to God men, who were born male) make terrible, selfish, abusive boyfriends, but some women (who try to pass themselves off as male) also make for terrible boyfriends!

(Link): Mum, 30, duped into sex by transgender man, 35, with fake penis says she’ll ‘never trust another man’

Lisa Evans has opened up on how Carlos Delacruz claimed he was self conscious because of burn scars – and demanded romps in the dark while using a ‘blood and flesh’ prosthetic

A MUM duped into sex with a trans lover who used a fake penis told how her life was “torn apart”.

She's a Man, Baby!

Lisa Evans, 30, bedded Carlos Delacruz, 35, unaware the fiend — born female — had no penis.

Delacruz was jailed for the prosthetic attack on her and another partner.

Lisa, of Cowdenbeath in Scotland, said “I’ll never trust another man again” as she opened up on the romps in the dark that left her in excruciating pain.
She was convinced trans Delacruz was a fella as he “brainwashed” her by claiming he was self-conscious about his manhood after it was scalded as a kid.

But in reality he still had a woman’s body and used a “blood and flesh” prosthetic during sex which he demanded always occurred with the lights off.

As Lisa yesterday lifted the lid on their shocking ten-month relationship, she revealed Delacruz had an op to have his boobs removed — but tricked her into believing it was surgery for his burn scars.

And she only discovered he had no penis when cops strip searched him as his sick deceit was finally exposed.

The mum-of-one said: “When we had sex for the first time he demanded we do it in the pitch dark — I just went with it.

“I was so brainwashed into believing it was because of what happened to him as a child.

“He told me about being embarrassed in front of kids as he got changed for PE at school.

“I felt so sorry for him. His stories pulled at my heart strings.”

Lisa thought she’d met her “dream guy” when the workmates started dating in July 2016.

He claimed his chest and genitals had been severely disfigured when his mum spilled boiling water on him.

Lisa told how sex with him left her in agony.

She revealed: “It was really painful and felt like sandpaper, it was really rough.

“And he was holding it but I thought that was because of the way his injuries were, because of the scar tissue.”

Lisa said they tried to make it more comfortable.

She added: “But it wasn’t getting any easier. I would bleed really heavily afterwards and a nurse said I had severe friction burns.

“I begged him to go to the doctors but he wouldn’t.”

She continued: “It came to a point that if we were going to have sex, I would choose a night where I was off work the next day.

“The strange thing I can’t get my head around is that he pushed for it — he would act all manly and bravado about wanting to have sex.

“I had to just grin and bear it — I didn’t want to upset him as he was finally comfortable to be physical with me.

“Afterwards I just thought to myself, ‘well we won’t be doing that often’.”

Delacruz even had a double mastectomy during their relationship — but again hoodwinked his partner with a convincing story.

….We previously told how Delacruz, of Banknock, Stirlingshire, caused “physical and psychological harm” to Lisa and another woman — who can’t be named for legal reasons.

He was jailed for three years after admitting the assaults between 2013 and 2017.

The Spanish delivery driver’s gender is now officially male but he has not had full reassignment surgery.

Lisa has never discovered exactly what devious Delacruz used to have sex with her — but the fake manhood was described in court as a “flesh and blood” prosthetic.

She added: “Our relationship was a lie. He still had a vagina. I thought he was a man.

“He looked like a man with his stubble and burly physique, dressed like a man and acted like a man.

…But the cracks started to appear in January last year when his other victim — a previous partner he’d also duped into believing he had a penis — contacted cops.

By this time the couple were living in Lisa’s home.

She said: “I drove him to the police station and sat waiting for him for five hours.

“He didn’t tell me what it was about until he came out.

“He was laughing and saying she’d accused him of rape and being transgender.

“He was going on as though she was an absolute nutcase and I was so brainwashed at this stage I believed him.”

…But a few months later she dumped the sicko after he spent all their joint savings.

Lisa booted him out and when they got into a row Delacruz twisted house keys against her chest.

In June last year the truth began to emerge when the Spaniard branded himself a “monster”.

She said: “It was at this point that he would tell me he was transgender. He was saying nobody understood him and I just came out with it and asked him.

“Then it was like a jigsaw and it all pieced together. I was stunned, shocked and completely betrayed.


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