Man Tasered by Police for Refusing to Stop Having Sex with Car Exhaust

Man Tasered by Police for Refusing to Stop Having Sex with Car Exhaust

(Link): Man Tasered by Police for Refusing to Stop Having Sex with Car Exhaust

by Joe Roberts

A man had to be Tasered by police because – hold your breath – he wouldn’t stop trying to have sex with a car exhaust. Ryan Scott Malek’s was four times the legal alcohol limit when police found him in a questionable position with a parked car on May 1.

Officers tried to get him to stop, but persistent Malek, from Newton, Kansas, US, kept going.

Malek was reportedly ‘oblivious’ to what he was doing, so police decided to Taser him, according to the Smoking Gun.

It appears Malek had an audience of six other witnesses watching him at the time, court documents revealed. The 24-year-old was taken to hospital and given a chance to sober up.


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