Christian Couple Dies in Helicopter Crash Hours After ‘Fairytale’ Wedding

Christian Couple Dies in Helicopter Crash Hours After ‘Fairytale’ Wedding

Well, well, well.

Here’s another news story (I have a few more on this blog I made in months past) that demonstrate that getting married, as opposed to what many secular rom com movies teach, and opposed to what Christian teach, is not a guarantee of having a happily ever after.

I have other news stories on my blog (see links at the end of this post for those stories) of married couples who die within hours of getting married, and one news item about a newly wed couple who could not have sex after marrying because the wife has some sort of debilitating physical disease or issue that prohibits her from having sex.

(Link):  Pilot in helicopter crash that killed newlyweds “very experienced,” official says

(Link): Texas newlyweds killed in helicopter crash shortly after their wedding

(Link):  Reaching wreckage of helicopter in which newlyweds died leaving their wedding will be ‘difficult’

(Link): Christian Couple Dies in Helicopter Crash Hours After ‘Fairytale’ Wedding


by Leonard Blair, November 5, 2018

Less than two hours after getting married in a “fairytale wedding” on Saturday, a young Christian couple from Texas died after a helicopter they were traveling in crashed into the side of a hill on their family farm.

The National Transportation Safety Board confirmed they were investigating a fatal helicopter crash that took place near Uvalde, Texas, at about midnight. The accident involved a Bell 206B helicopter.

William Byler confirmed to Eyewitness News that his grandson Will Byler, his new wife Bailee Ackerman and the aircraft’s pilot, Gerald Green Lawrence all died in the crash at their family ranch.

The couple’s passing was first announced on Facebook in a post Sunday night by one of the groom’s friends Michael Montgomery.

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