‘I Was So Worried About My Non-Stop FARTING It Ruined My Love Life’ Says Emma

‘I Was So Worried About My Non-Stop FARTING It Ruined My Love Life’ Says Emma

Heh heh, I hardly know what to say. This is an honest to goodness article from “The Sun.”

Every so often, if I’m feeling down about my life, I occasionally see stories like this one below and think, “Holy cow, my life is a cake walk by comparison!” I have my problems, but thank god this is not one of them….

(Link): ‘I Was So Worried About My Non-Stop FARTING It Ruined My Love Life’ Says Emma

Nov 2018

GONE WITH THE WIND I was so worried about breaking wind non-stop it ruined my love life

 by Lydia Hawken

Having suffered from embarrassing stomach issues from the age of 15, Emma decided ‘it would be easier to stay single’ than break wind on a date

A MUM-OF-ONE has revealed that her chronic gastro problems and incessant breaking wind left her feeling so embarrassed that it RUINED her love life.

Emma, 30 from London had suffered with stomach pains since she was just 15 years old.

Emma’s sensitive stomach meant she has suffered from severe bloating and wind after EVERY single meal.

And needing to make urgent dashes to the loo has played havoc on her love life, leaving Emma feeling so anxious that she gave up dating and eating out all together.

 She said: “My biggest fear was breaking wind in public but there was nothing I could do about it.

 “I’d also have to wear baggy clothes to disguise the inevitable bloat that would follow after I’d eaten. Unbuttoned jeans are not a good look so I gave up.”

 Emma was tested for celiac disease when she first began experiencing stomach pains and loose bowels aged 15.

However, the test came back negative and doctors recommended she cut back on certain foods to see if that made a difference.

 She added: “My symptoms were so persistent that my doctor was sure I must have a intolerance to something and so I began cutting out food groups to see what made the biggest difference.

“I started with dairy and that had no effect. But I did find when I cut out wheat and gluten and my symptoms did improve a little.”

But the side effects of the painful stomach condition got so bad that Emma gave up all hope of having a social life completely.

She said: “If I did go out with friends or on a date I’d either have to sit and eat nothing or rush out halfway through when the tummy trouble started.

“In the end it was easier not to bother going out. I couldn’t go anywhere without checking how close I was to the toilet.”

Emma has also found that stress only exacerbates her embarrassing symptoms.

When she broke up with her long-term boyfriend and the father of her seven-year-old daughter, Emma’s chronic wind began to worsen.

Emma admits that the emotional stress of the break-up “did seem to make it worse”.

She added: “It was exactly the time in my life that I needed to be going out with friends and socialising, but going for food was just a nightmare for me.”

Although Emma wanted to start dating again, the single mum-of-one struggled to cope with the embarrassing side effects of her chronic condition.

Not only was getting back in the dating game “a complete disaster”, Emma says “it was a pretty painful one”.

She said: “Inevitably dates take place at restaurants or bars and I was just struggling after each one. Once I even had to leave half way through a date because my tummy swelled so much.

“I decided it would be easier and less painful to stay single than put myself through it.”

Along with uncomfortable bloating, Emma also described the pain as “like having a ball of air trapped in my tummy that I couldn’t release.”

However, the struggling singleton has found that a high street supplement has offered her relief from the embarrassing symptoms.

Feeling like she had nothing “left to lose”, Emma started taking £30 LQ Liquid Health Supplement which contains marine collagen, ginger, aloe vera, peppermint and vitamin C designed to improve the digestive system.

…Describing the turnaround in her social life as “incredible”, Emma said: “I become more social. I started dating again – something I had put on hold because of my stomach troubles.

“Within a few weeks I felt brave enough to go on a date and now I live with my partner.”

Emma also says she “can wear what I like without being self conscious and actually enjoy food.”


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