The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

(There are links to critiques or rebuttals below of the concept of “White Fragility”)

This whole post is another big case study in why I can never, ever be a liberal.

I was saying in a post or two in months past on this blog that liberals have thrown women under the bus, especially white women.

Liberals -(edit: as well as Marxists, socialists, Critical Race Theory advocates, and Black Lives Matter group supporters)- (Link): really dislike white people, but they dislike white women most of all, especially white women who are hetero, cis, and who are conservative and/or who vote Republican.

Over a year ago, I meant to do a blog post on the topic of “intersectionality” but never got around to it – I should have done it, because sometimes, hatred of caucasian women is done under the auspices of this feminist concept.

If you would like, you can read Wikipedia’s page that offers an explanation on (Link): what Intersectionality is.

On the one hand, a lot of liberals claim to stand for equality, they say they are opposed to sexism, but, they have a “pecking order” of victim groups, where some groups are more worthy of their protection than others – and white, cis, hetero women (especially who vote Republican) are at the very bottom.

That is to say, as I’ve (Link): explained before, if the concerns or needs of one favored liberal pet group clashes with that of white/ cis/ hetero women, the liberals will always, always, throw the women (especially if white / cis) “under the bus.” It’s creepy as hell.

Not only are white women subjected to sexism by all men, but they’ve been attacked or marginalized by all these other factions (which are usually liberal).

If liberals or Never-Trumpers are hoping to change the future behavior or voting behavior of white women, they are very much going about it in the wrong way, by insulting them, chiding them, and infantilizing them.

Rabid liberalism and rabid, secular feminism, results in the hatred  and “othering” of white women, of treating white women like the enemy, or as though white women are not fully human.

If you want to see even more examples of what I’m talking about, beyond the links below, go to Twitter and search under the hash tag “#WhiteWomen.”

(Link): Search Twitter Hash Tag for “White Women” Phrase

Also see:

(Link): Search Twitter Hash Tag for the phrase “Solidarity Is For White Women”
( #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen )


(Link): White Feminism hash tag on Twitter

Here are just a few of the samples such a search turned up:

by Meredith M C, @MeredithDVM (link to (Link): her Tweet) – (who quoted (Link): this Tweet in her Tweet):

White women—you are on fucking notice. The day you stop allying with the white men is the day we start actually improving the country. #whitewomen scavenging for scraps of privilege instead of making equality for all. #BlackWomenLead
(end Twitter quote)

That’s some creepy, hostile attitude coming through Meredith’s tweet. It’s not going to get any Republican-voting white women to change their minds or voting habits, but actually reenforce them.

That is just one example; you can find more if you search the (Link): “White Women” hash tag.

There were a few Tweets giving some push-back under that hash tag, including:

(Link): This Tweet by Christopher Carl 

and this tweet (Link to Tweet):

I’ve also observed, when skimming blog posts or forums where liberal women chat, particularly women of color, they like to mock white women, by tossing around derogatory terms such as “white women’s tears” or “weaponized white women’s tears.”

(The participants in such blogs and forums don’t seem to comprehend – or care to learn – how most white women are socialized, and why white women cry when and how they do; white women are socialized to behave and to react in a patriarchal society in certain ways, which plays a huge factor in why white women cry when and how they do.
I won’t get into all that here, though. Suffice it to say, a lot of the insults against white women by pro-intersectionality feminist, (WOC) women- of- color tends to drip with hatred towards white women.)

The term “white fragility” also occasionally pops up in liberal feminist writings to demean or insult white women.

Here are some articles or editorials about all this:

(Link): RACISM & SEXISM: Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ For Election Losses – November 2018

(Link): ‘PATRIARCHY!’ Democrats Blame, Shame ‘White Women’ For Losses In Key States – Nov 2018

by Emily Zanotti

….The attacks were swift and merciless, as feminists and leftists alike descended on white women voters, accusing them of betraying their gender by selecting a candidate of their choice based on their needs rather than following marching orders from the feminist movement.

…Next, a writer from Rolling Stone attempted to “mansplain” white female voters by suggesting that they knowingly vote on behalf of their chosen member of the Patriarchy — their husband, father, or brother — as a trade off. Because if there’s anyone who knows what women think, it’s a man.

…The good news is, some feminists aren’t off the hook for Republican women voters. In fact, feminists of color used the returns from Tuesday night to “prove” that even white feminists can’t be trusted, and shouldn’t be leading the feminist movement.

Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill laid the blame for Tuesday’s losses squarely at the feet of white feminists.

(Link): Liberals Angry at White Women for Re-Electing Ted Cruz, a Hispanic

From a perspective of “blame all white women,” is this page on Marie Claire:

(Link): So what’s the argument between black and white feminists all about?

(Link): Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ for Red State Midterm Losses


November 2018

Leftists on Wednesday blamed “white women” for high-profile Democrat midterm losses, despite those candidates running in red states.

Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy tweeted Wednesday, “White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy,” along with what percentage of white women had voted for GOP Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

She also tweeted screenshots of the percentages, which were broken down by race and gender.

…There was, however, no mention that Georgia, Texas, and Florida are red states that overwhelmingly voted Republican in the 2016 presidential race. There was also no mention that Cruz is actually Latino.

Eltahawy tweeted that white women were voting GOP “against their own interests” and allying “with white supremacist patriarchy.”

(Link): Hillary Clinton blames ‘pressure’ from men for why white women voted for Trump


by Peter Hasson, November 2018

Republican women are “enablers,” according to Google search results.

Google’s search results for the National Federation of Republican Women, the nation’s largest Republican women’s group, displayed the organization’s name instead as the “National Federation of Republican Enablers.”



by Peter Hasson – Oct 2018

Liberal writers and activists responded to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation over the weekend by attacking “white women.”

The New York Times on Saturday evening published an op-ed titled “White Women, Come Get Your People.” The op-ed’s author, Alexis Grenell, attacked Republican women who supported Kavanaugh as “gender traitors” in league with the “patriarchy.”

Grenell claimed that “white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain.”

White women “are expected to support the patriarchy by marrying within their racial group, reproducing whiteness and even minimizing violence against their own bodies,” the liberal writer asserted.

(Link): ‘White Women’ Becomes a Disparaging Term

by Kyle Smith – Oct 2018

The Left is lumping white women together into a giant bloc subject to absurdly broad stereotyping and vitriolic condemnation. 

Using “white men” as a putdown is no longer extreme enough for the Left. Now it is moving on to doing the same for “white women.”

How rapidly this transpired. It was less than two years ago that the approximately 98.7 percent of white women working in media who were openly rooting for Hillary Clinton saw their hopes dashed on Election Day.

The first murmurs of betrayal began. Exit polls showed 52 percent of white women backed Donald Trump, and much sorrowful tsk-tsking ensued.

Sorrow turned to disbelief. Disbelief turned to rage.

Today, white women are being lumped together into a giant bloc subject to absurdly broad stereotyping and vitriolic condemnation.

They’re being told to step back and know their place by writers in the New York Times (“white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain”),
The New Yorker (“despite the enduring legacy of testimony by black women, white women have often played the protagonists in the history of sexual violence, and black women have been relegated to the supporting cast”)
and NBC News (“white women who voted for Trump . . . clearly have no issue with the president’s openly misogynistic behavior, his demeaning of female reporters and his mocking of [Christine Blasey] Ford”).

A writer for The Root castigated Taylor Swift because “like some white women, she uses her privilege to not be involved until she’s directly affected.”

…“White women use strategic tears to silence women of colour,” ran a headline in the Guardian.

On the basis of five phone calls, plus the story of what happened to Emmett Till in 1955, Rolling Stone published an essay entitled, “Why White Women Keep Calling the Police on Black People,” blaming them for “a new 21st century version of Jim Crow.”

It wouldn’t be terribly difficult, in a nation of 300 million, to come up with five examples of black men who had murdered white women, but if you wrote an essay entitled “Why Black Men Keep Murdering White Women” you would rightly be barred from writing for just about any reputable journalistic outfit.

The intellectual error of making invidious generalizations about large groups of people based on superficial characteristics is obvious. So is the moral error.

….So goes the transformation of the party of equality into a hierarchy of victimhood, with each person’s rank assessed based on the perceived aggregate suffering of the demographic groups to which they belong.

White men, long since written off by the Democrats, have responded not by meekly accepting their place at the rear of the Democratic coalition but by exiting it. They voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton by a margin of 63 to 31 percent.

The Left will have only itself to blame if white women increasingly feel put off by its nasty ad feminam attacks.

(Link): Why are we so desperate to blame white supremacy on women?


by Sarah Ditum, August 2017

Some people can’t look at a neo-Nazi without condemning the woman who washes his socks for him. 

Feminists have spent decades trying to get the value of women’s unpaid labour recognised, to basically no avail. The trouble all along, it turns out, was the framing: instead of saying women deserved credit for their contribution to the economy, feminists should have said that women deserveblame.

Because blame is one commodity where people are happy to give women their due.

The obvious absence of women from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia – where female counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed by a car allegedly driven by an alt-right supporter called James Alex Fields – could have lead to a discussion about the male near-monopoly on violence.

Instead the impulse to cherchez la femme kicked in early and hasn’t let up since.

First, we had the hot-takers whose hot take was that just because women weren’t at the rally didn’t mean they weren’t in some important sense really there. (Actually, yes it did because that’s how space and time work, but what’s a little physics when there’s woman-blaming to do.)

…None of this is a denial of the existence of female white supremacists, who are obviously a fact both now and through history. But look how easily commentators slide from “there are female racists” to “women are central to racism”.

… The fact that 53 per cent of white women voted for Donald Trump became one of the most picked-over details of the presidential election aftermath; much, much less was written about how white men as a bloc voted Trump by an even greater 63 per cent. (Although, conversely, when it came to understanding Trump voters, men were treated as the default voice of blue-collar America. “Girls to the front” is only the rule when looking for scapegoats.)

The idea that female “soft power” makes women somehow the most dangerous exponents of racist beliefs – as for example in writer Laura Strong’s claim that the half-million-strong Women’s KKK was more important in normalising the Klan’s dogma than the four-million-strong KKK proper – is in a strange way a regurgitation of the far-right’s own complementarian ideas about sex roles.

These hold that men are naturally active and suited to public roles, while women are passive by disposition and suited to the domestic.

In the white supremacist account of gender, it’s not sexism that keeps women in the home, doing the housework, looking after all those white babies they’re required to have: it’s just evolution, or God, depending on which justification is prefered.

…The alt-right doesn’t look like a bunch of violent white men because benevolent sexism renders violent white women invisible. It looks like a bunch of violent white men because that’s exactly what it is, and that’s exactly where the blame belongs.

(Link): Against Shaming ‘White Women’ and ‘Female Misogynists’ for 2016 Election Results


Who, exactly, are these impassioned social-media screeds supposed to sway?
by Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Nov. 10, 2016 9:00 pm

White women have “sold out … the world by voting Trump,” Slate proclaimed Thursday, in what’s quickly become popular post-election wisdom. (Link): “White Women Need to Admit That We Are Part of the Problem” and  (Link): “White Women…Failed Other Women.” read headlines at

“Let’s get off the floor and get busy,”comedian Samantha Bee advised on her Wednesday night show. “Especially you white women. We’ve got some karma to work off.”

According to CNN exit polls, the majority of black and Hispanic women voted for Hillary Clinton, by overwhelming margins.

…Trump fared best with white women without a college degree, earning an almost 30-point lead over Clinton among this cohort.

White female Trump fans were also more likely than their Clinton-supporting demographic counterparts to live outside of urban areas.

And, overall, Trump fans tended to skew older than Clinton voters, with just 37 percent of voters between 18- and 29-years-old voting Trump, according to exit poll data.

All of this makes Trump’s female fan base one of the least likely groups to be active on Twitter. Older, conservative, non-urban women without college educations also seem unlikely candidates to be reading progressive, feminist-focused, millennial publications like Bustle, Mic, or Jezebel— all publications that have seen fit to publish posts by white women calling out white women and pleading with them to rethink their priorities.

…. And even if Trump’s female fan base was reading these websites, what makes it seem that women willing to vote for Trump—whether because of his more unsavory tendencies or in spite of them— are likely to see the error in their ways after a good scolding by liberal, white, feminist strangers?

….And, at the risk of imputing this post with a little too much of the dreaded “choice feminism,” isn’t a bit weird to scold women for being bad feminists because they exercised their own judgments and consciences in picking a presidential candidate?

As a collection of myriad individuals and not some immutable hivemind, women will never be a monolithic voting block, and that’s a good thing. I disagree with women who find it reasonable to vote for Trump, but hey, I didn’t vote, and others find that a moral calamity.

In any event, I don’t presume to know precisely why women who voted for Trump did so, and I don’t think it’s fair to assume they all acted with callous disregard to the plights of non-white, cis, straight, Christian people.

And I think a lot of people who do make a lot of incorrect assumptions about Trump voters.

(Link): White Women Don’t Need Your Saving


by Allie Stuckey

Republicans foiled Democrats’ dreams of a Senator O’Rourke, a Governor Gillum and a Governor Abrams, and, apparently, white women are to blame for it.

One Twitter warrior deemed white women “foot soldiers of the patriarchy” for voting Republican, claiming that their decision is based on a desire to submit to their husbands.

Jemele Hill, staff writer for The Atlantic, argued that white women are not “the face of feminism,” because they voted for Ted Cruz and, in 2016, for Donald Trump. A viral tweet listed Republicans for which white women voted in the midterms and concluded, “white women gonna white.” [snip additional examples]

…The irony is, of course, rich. Leftist feminists, long-asserting the strength and independence of women, now argue that some women are so weak that they need to depend on liberals to tell them how to vote.

They cannot fathom that we Republican “white women” may actually have different values than they do. It must be because we are “foot soldiers of the patriarchy.” (That’s newspeak for “self-hating idiots.”)

When certain demographics vote majoritively for Democrats, those people are smart, brave, strong, important. Ninety-seven percent of black women voting for Abrams has nothing to do with identity politics or the belief in the false narrative that big government policies will benefit them. No, they’re wise. White women who vote for Republicans, though—they’re idiots.

So much for judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or their sex. I’m old enough to remember when this was considered racism and sexism. Today, on the left, it’s considered thoughtful analysis.

The claim is that we are voting against our own interests. But this assumes our interests are liberal interests—abortion, closing the “gender pay gap,” gun control, etc. And they’re just not. We women who vote Republican do so because, in general, we believe in things like the Second Amendment, lower taxes and restrictions on killing the unborn. We are not oppressed. We’re just not progressive.

For as much as feminists say they hate the patriarchy, they do a darn good job of patronizing women with whom they disagree. They are demeaning, self-righteous and condescending…. [read the remainder of that editorial here]

(Link): White Feminism Isn’t the Problem (But You Might Be If  You Think So)

Intersectional politics can’t empower women if it demonizes them based on their race

By Bridget Phetasy
October 11, 2018

Since Trump won in 2016, think piece upon think piece has been devoted to the problem with white women. We’ve been labeled “white supremacy in heels,” accused of using our (Link): tears as weapons of oppression, and over and over again judged as a group and condemned based on the color of our skin.

Much effort has been put into controlling those of us who aren’t getting on board with, as I call it, “The Approved Message.”

All these articles and theories about “the problem with white women” basically push the same agenda: if you don’t think like we want you to think and vote like we want you to vote, you hate women and especially, women of color.

I’m done. After years of enduring woke, anti-white women media pieces (written much of the time by upper-middle-class white women), they have finally broken me.

Modern feminism demands I live in a constant state of feeling like a victim but if I’m white, I need to simultaneously accept that I’m never going to be victim enough and in fact, I’m actually an oppressor. It’s mind-bending and bananas and I won’t do it.

I have plenty of legitimate reasons to hate myself but I’m not about to add ‘born white’ to the list.  I’ll be told I’m the portrait of white fragility for saying so. I’ll be painted as a “gender traitor” and a racist and a shill for the patriarchy.

Intersectional feminism is a trap that pits all women against one another in a race to the bottom. It doesn’t empower—instead, it encourages a perpetual victim mentality, internalized self-loathing and creates a battle between factions of women over who’s the “most oppressed.”

In a recent New York Times opinion piece titled (Link): “White Women, Come Get Your People” the mainstreaming of intersectional delusions officially jumped the shark. It checked all the boxes of a woke, anti-white woman tirade. There were references to the patriarchy, putting our whiteness before our “second-class status” in the 2016 election, white privilege, and a Handmaid’s Tale reference for good measure.

“The gender gap in politics is really a color line,” wrote author Alexis Grenell. “That’s because white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain. In return they’re placed on a pedestal to be ‘cherished and revered,’ as Speaker Paul D. Ryan has said about women, but all the while denied basic rights.”

…Young white women trying to be woke, trying to do the right thing and fearing that they’re not, trying to be good allies—they eat up these words and adopt them. But what Mallory and Mustefa and Grenell are really saying to white women is: sit down and shut up.

What kind of feminism demands that I forfeit my individual experience and opinions and struggles? How does that show solidarity or empower women? An ideology that singles out one group of women for special abuse and scapegoating based on their race or religion may be many things but calling it ‘feminist’ is a bit much.

Expecting all women to act as a monolith, constantly sending the message of “adopt our ideology OR ELSE.” That isn’t feminism. It’s tyranny.

(Link): Feminists quick to decry sexist attacks — unless directed at conservative women 

Conservative women are decrying a double standard among many feminists, who have loudly defended liberals and Democrats against perceived misogyny but have been mute about insults and barbs slung at women of Republican or conservative stripes.

(Link): Mothers, Pundits, And The Other White Women Who Drive Hate In America
(viaThe Globe and Mail)

(Link): Are white women to blame for Kavanaugh?


Tess Carter and Leela Yellesetty make the case that blaming white women as a whole for Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh lets the real culprits off the hook.

“THESE WOMEN are gender traitors,” wrote Alexis Grenell in the New York Times on October 6, the day that Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as Supreme Court justice.

Grenell was referring to Republican women senators who voted for Kavanaugh, like Maine’s Susan Collins — who claimed she was concerned about women’s rights up until the hour she cast her vote for the right-winger judge accused of sexual assault.

But Grenell didn’t stop there — she included all white women in the blame, writing:

We’re talking about white women. The same 53 percent who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades.
Grenell described what she calls a “blood pact between white men and white women,” where white women will “defend their privilege to the death.”

But blaming white women for Kavanaugh’s nomination or Trump becoming president is not only an inaccurate view of what happened in both cases, but one that will mislead activists who opposed Kavanaugh and want to continue building an opposition to the right wing.

THE FIRST thing to note about this discussion, which has gotten plenty of attention on the Internet, is the sleight of hand in saying that majority of white women supported Donald Trump in 2016 — and, by extension, Kavanaugh today.

The 53 percent figure Grenell cites is the exit poll estimate of the percentage of white women who voted for Trumpamong those who voted in the 2016 presidential election. Only 55 percent of the voting-age population took part in the 2016 election, so only about a quarter of white women eligible to vote actually chose Trump.

When it came to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, polls showed that 45 percent of white women supported his confirmation, with 46 percent opposed. A considerably higher proportion of white men — 59 percent — supported Kavanaugh, while a plurality of white women did in fact oppose him.

This isn’t to say that these levels of support aren’t alarmingly high and worth trying to understand, but Grenell doesn’t seem particularly interested in doing that. Instead, her emphasis is on shaming white women into voting for the Democrats in midterm elections.

She’s using a strategy that the Democratic Party regularly uses to evade it own responsibility for any number of things — including its stunning defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

….FOCUSING ON a group of individuals as broad as “white women” ignores other contributing social factors. It completely disregards class, suggesting that there’s a unity of interests between someone like Susan Collins and “white women” in general.

In fact, while people of color will be even worse off, Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Court is likely to be devastating to the majority of white women who are working class. For instance, white women, most of them low income, obtain more than half of all abortions — a necessary medical procedure that Kavanaugh opposes.

…. [Susan] Collins deserves all the heat she gets for helping to vote in Kavanaugh, but she isn’t actually more to blame than any other of the 50 senators just because she’s a woman.

Yet the idea of the female “traitor” is posed as a more important issue than the downright misogyny so blatantly displayed by Republican men. This is completely antithetical to fighting sexism.

The same dynamic can be seen in the perception of white women’s role in Trump’s election. Despite a gender gap caused by fewer men voting for Clinton in 2016 than Barack Obama in 2008 — no doubt due in part to sexism toward Clinton — white women got the blame.

Yet while Clinton experiences sexism, she also, like Collins, occupies a position in a class and political party that backs up the system that scapegoats women. We saw this throughout Clinton’s career — as she helped water down the party’s support for women’s right to choose by arguing abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” and excused her husband’s history of sexual harassment.

…WRITERS LIKE Grenell appropriate and distort the arguments of generations of Black feminist authors who have taken up the question of the interlocking forces of racism, sexism and capitalism.

….PUT SIMPLY: the demonization of white women as culpable for the Donald Trumps and Brett Kavanaughs of the world lets the real culprits off the hook. Without an understanding of the roots of the problem, these arguments can be appropriated to perpetuate the status quo.

There was a similar dynamic expressed in the criticisms of the Women’s Marches for being predominantly white.

It’s absolutely right to insist that the voices and demands of women of color be incorporated and brought to the forefront of our struggle. But rather than asking what we can do to bring more women of color into the movement, these critics effectively asked women who were too white and middle class to vacate the premises.

There’s an obvious contradiction in arguing that white women are supposedly responsible for Trump’s election — and also that they are overrepresented in mass protests opposing him.

The idea that white women, instead of protesting, should “go get their people” and hold themselves responsible for the actions of supporters of Trump is a recipe for paralysis.

…This should be a point of unity, not difference. Blaming white women for Kavanaugh when his confirmation sent the message that sexual violence against women doesn’t matter, even if they are white, does nothing for more oppressed women. It solely benefits the powerful abusers who depend on blaming anyone but themselves.

(Link): The Women’s March can’t comprehend that not all women have the same beliefs

by K. Ross, November 9, 2018


The bipolar features of modern-day feminism are readily apparent in the everyday. But during and after elections, the hypocrisy reaches almost comic proportions.

Not long after Tuesday’s results came in, leftists rushed to place much blame on one group: white women. You see, females of the Caucasian variety had forsaken the sisterhood of progressivism and propelled The Patriarchy to victory in several key races. Somehow, this kind of free thinking is unacceptable to individuals with ceaseless praise for the capable female mind.

Among the very worst offenders who consistently reject ideological diversity is the Women’s March. It was no different in its reaction to the midterm elections.

[embedded Tweet by @womensmarch that quotes Elie Mystal, which reads:

a lot of work to do, white women. A lot of learning. A lot of growing.

We want to do it with you.
Stay tuned.


White women:
76% Kemp
59% Cruz
51% DeSantis

Black women:
95% O’Rourke
97% Abrahms
82% Gillum

White women gonna white.]

–end embedded tweet—

Clearly, the group was disgusted at white women and their overall support for Republican candidates like Brian Kemp, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, (the non-white candidate in his race), and Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

Meanwhile, on the group’s website, its mission statement includes the desire to “harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.”

Many organizations caught up in the fight for this brand of social justice use the term “diversity” in reference only to physical variation. While we should praise inclusivity as it relates to outward characteristics, it’s imperative we recognize the diverse nature of thought. The Women’s March is entirely unwilling to do the latter.

In addition to the rejection of full diversity, the Women’s March goes completely against the most basic tenets of first-wave feminism. Instead of encouraging participation in the political process, Women’s March leaders seek to strong-arm female voters who don’t fall in line with a left-leaning agenda. Women are strong and independent, but should somehow vote uniformly along party, race, or gender lines.

(Link): Progressives: White Women Need Accountability And ‘A Lot Of Learning’ After Failing To Vote Uniformly For Left-Wing Candidates

(Link): Intersectional Feminism Broke Her

Writing in the not-at-all-conservative Tablet, Bridget Phetasy informs the world of wokeness that she has had enough. Excerpts:

Since Trump won in 2016, think piece upon think piece has been devoted to the problem with white women. We’ve been labeled “white supremacy in heels,” accused of using our tears as weapons of oppression, and over and over again judged as a group and condemned based on the color of our skin.

Much effort has been put into controlling those of us who aren’t getting on board with, as I call it, “The Approved Message.”

All these articles and theories about “the problem with white women” basically push the same agenda: if you don’t think like we want you to think and vote like we want you to vote, you hate women and especially, women of color.

I’m done. After years of enduring woke, anti-white women media pieces (written much of the time by upper-middle-class white women), they have finally broken me. Modern feminism demands I live in a constant state of feeling like a victim but if I’m white, I need to simultaneously accept that I’m never going to be victim enough and in fact, I’m actually an oppressor. It’s mind-bending and bananas and I won’t do it.

I have plenty of legitimate reasons to hate myself but I’m not about to add ‘born white’ to the list. I’ll be told I’m the portrait of white fragility for saying so. I’ll be painted as a “gender traitor” and a racist and a shill for the patriarchy.

Intersectional feminism is a trap that pits all women against one another in a race to the bottom. It doesn’t empower—instead, it encourages a perpetual victim mentality, internalized self-loathing and creates a battle between factions of women over who’s the “most oppressed.”
(end excerpts)

The following is apparently by a liberal – and a liberal “person of color” – they really do despise white women:
(Link): Why I”m Giving Up On  Intersectional Feminism


By Tamela J. Gordon / April 30, 2018

…It wasn’t until I re-read Angela Davis’s Women, Race, & Class that I had a change of heart. A biography about American women’s liberation from slavery to present, Women, Race, & Class uses history and factual resources to spell out what white women have yet to comprehend; their ignorance and apathy towards the struggle of black women has been to the detriment of any could-be collective feminist movement.

… White feminists chose self-interest over the lives of black people. This fundamental decision was the beginning of what is now known as white feminism.

…I became convinced that Women, Race, & Class [a piece by Angela Davis] would bring about a massive come-to-Jesus moment to white women who failed to see the racial violence in their detachment from non-white women and non-white issues.

…Deep down inside I knew what the problem was, I just didn’t have the heart to admit it. Intersectional feminism doesn’t mean anything if white women still struggle to support and advocate for those who’s identities cross intersections that are foreign to theirs.

…I find myself at the end of my intersectional feminist road. It’s time to hop into survival mode, ditch this dumpster fire, and live by a black feminist agenda.
(end excerpts)

This is by a woman of color who seems to identify as a feminist but who is upset with white, liberal feminists:

(Link):When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels – by Rachel Elizabeth Cargle
Aug 16, 2018


Going up against liberal progressive white feminists who refuse to let down their guard of “ultimate liberation” to actually learn from women of color—who have been fighting this fight with grit and grace for generations—is the most straining part being a black feminist activist.

Still, as disheartening as the actions of many of these women who were “called in” became, my highest hope is that this bizarre episode serves as a lesson, a dissection if you will, of what toxic white feminism actually looks like. Let’s take a dive into a few of the items in The Toxic White Feminism Playbook:….
(end excerpts)

There is probably a lot more I could say about that essay than what I will say below, but that may be served best for another, separate post. In the meantime, what I’d like to say…

The author of that piece, Cargle, then goes on to cite a list of what she calls the “toxic white feminism playbook,” which includes, but is not limited to, the terms and phrases “Spiritual Bypassing,” “Tone Policing” and so on.

As someone who casually looks over these types of essays on occasion, I can say that I don’t think there is any pleasing people on this issue.

That is, no matter what white women (who are liberal or conservative) may say or do, my impression and gut feeling is that they will never, ever be able to appease all these ladies (not on every point at all times).

Case in point (a black person wrote this essay to other black people about white people):

(Link): 6 Things Black People Need to Stop Saying to White People in 2018

An excerpt from that page, written by Shannon M. Houston (Jan. 2018):

Forgiving whites is so 2017 (and literally every year before that). We’re going to try a new approach in 2018 called, “We don’t have time to forgive you because we’re busy doing our work and dreaming up a Blackness of the future that is too preoccupied with itself to worry about how white people will sleep at night without our forgiveness.”
(Related banished phrases include, “Thanks for the honest dialogue,” “I appreciate you for acknowledging your privilege,” “I know you didn’t mean to sound racist,” and “First, I want to thank the Academy.”)
(end excerpts)

All these liberal rules of engagement that liberal feminists (and more narrowly, women of color, liberal feminists) insist everyone (especially white women) abide by in order to be considered an “ally,”  or not to be mocked and insulted, remind me of the Old Testament law, which consisted of at least 500 rules ((Link): some sources say it was 600+ rules).

Nobody but nobody can follow all 500 (or 600) rules at all times – except for God Himself. The liberal feminist women have set up some hurdles that are too high, or there are too many of them for any one person to be able to follow perfectly at all times.

As the above excerpt from Houston demonstrates, even if a white woman should follow all the liberal rules, she will not be forgiven.

There is no forgiveness or grace in the world of liberal, feminist, intersectionalist religion. And so, there is no way out or forward, and everyone ends up in a stalemate, and nothing is solved.

You will ‘sin’ in this liberal system no matter what. I’ve seen white liberals sincerely try to follow all these rules still get shouted down for falling and stumbling by women of color liberal feminists – much like babies do when they’re learning to walk.

To use the baby analogy: you’re expected to be able to get up and run on your first try, where as most people start out crawling, progress to walking, and then run.

In that same essay, the author, Houston, says:

So what does allyship actually look like? Accepting the reality of this country’s dynamics. White skin yields white privilege and an ally is willing to use their privilege to fight with and for those who are marginalized.

Allyship means voting for elected officials who have a track record of ensuring the most marginalized among us are heard and advocated for.

Allyship means using your sphere of influence whether it be your dining room table or the boardroom of your company to call out racist actions and ideals. Allyship means uplifting the voices and experiences of people of color so that we are not continuously drowned out and ignored.
(end excerpts)

Is “voting for elected officials who have a track record of ensuring the most marginalized among us are heard and advocated for” liberal feminist code-speak for “only vote for liberal Democrats?” And what if a woman is not a one-issue voter?

Despite the title of this next piece, it is, essentially a “blame white women” type of editorial:

(Link): The Radical Uses of Anger: All White Women Aren’t the Enemy, but White Supremacy Always Is 


Jan 2017 /  by Kirsten West Savali

…As resentment and defensiveness swelled during the organizing of the march, there were white women who voiced concerns that some black women were bullies—too angry, too demanding and too divisive.

These were all code words for “the real racists.”

Emma-Kate Symons, writing for the New York Times, called it a hijacking: “It saddens me to see the inclusive liberal feminism I grew up with reduced to a grab-bag of competing victimhood narratives and individualist identities jostling for most-oppressed status.”

This is what white, liberal, feminist racism sounds like—the blatant and self-serving refusal to acknowledge that white women have always been complicit in the oppression of women of color. They have been beneficiaries and perpetrators of a genocidal system that continues to shape-shift in transparent attempts to disguise itself.

…While women of color, black women specifically, have pushed our issues to the forefront, there has still been too much chatter about white women’s feelings. How they feel about black women “making this about race.”

How they feel about being forced to reckon with their toxic brand of Whites-Only Feminism™, the destruction it has caused and the discriminatory institutions it has fortified.

…It is critical that white women understand that solidarity will not happen on their terms, which too often includes a pre-emptive softening of anger. And women of color should understand that if it does, it will not last.

…Of the women who voted in the presidential election, 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, some with great trepidation. They deserve space to say that they feel betrayed by the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump—and the silent accomplices smiling in their faces.

Further, the estimated 1 to 2 percent of black women on the left who did not vote for Clinton deserve space to say that a frantic return to the neoliberal politics that Clinton embodies cannot be the goal, or we will continue this ceaseless cycle through different iterations of white American evil.

…They need to be clear that not all white women are the enemy, but whiteness always is.
(end excerpts)

As you can see, (despite the small caveat towards the end), white women are regarded as the enemy.

I wonder, how is a white woman supposed to extricate herself from her whiteness (‘…not all white women are the enemy, but whiteness always is’), any more than it would be possible for a black woman to separate herself from her blackness?

White women are not only on the receiving end of sexism and hatred by Incels, “men’s rights activists,” Christian gender complementarians, but also by “intersectional feminists.”

I also wonder, given all the complaints about how liberal, feminist white women supposedly want feminism on their terms, does that mean all those women of color liberal feminists want feminism to be primarily for and about the grievances of only women of color?

Do they want to be in charge? They would likely argue they only want a ‘seat at the table,’ but that is not the impression I got when reading their diatribes or complaints against white women.
It sounds like their heart’s desire is for all white women to shut up and go away, permanently – (something that white patriarchy already expects or demands of white women).

And note how this author above associates being supportive of women of color with voting Democrat!

Is all this really about eradicating sexism against all women or upholding Democrat hold on political offices?

Another liberal editorial that mistakenly associates being feminist with being liberal (or Democrat):

(Link): How can feminists reach conservative white women? 

by Susan Rudy

More than half of white women voted for Donald Trump. How can feminists reach out to them?
(end excerpts)

Then there’s this more recent article:

(Link): The midterm election shows white women are finally starting to abandon Trump

This year, women supported Democrats in unprecedented numbers. White women were a big part of the shift.
(end excerpts)

According to this liberal blogger, Erynn Brook, here is a list of the stuff I have to do (as a partial white person) to be absolved of white sin (via her page (Link): White people and our obsession with labels.)

Here are the things you can do right now:
Join Safety Pin Box to unlearn white supremacy and support Black Women Being.
Diversify your media.
Read The Establishment and consider a membership. I also recommend Bitch Media. Follow more diverse voices on social media.
And I don’t just mean ‘diversity of thought’, I mean voices of people who don’t look like you.
Talk to your family and friends about white supremacy.
If you’re really stuck or overwhelmed and you need to work through your emotions in coming to terms with whiteness, join us below. We’ll continue to push you to take the steps above, and we can offer emotional support while you learn.
(end excerpts)

Do you also want me to send you money so that I can receive a Woman Of Color Indulgence, too?

This is not specifically about white women, but addresses the left’s hatred of white men, but some of the points may be germane to white women as well:

(Link): The Left’s Anti-White Racism – December 2015

(Link): Not All White Women


Some progressives are blaming a single demographic group for a string of losses in the midterm elections—but that distorts the actual results.

Nov 14, 2018

by Conor Friedersdorf

…In all of these Democratic defeats, there was an easily identifiable group that voted overwhelmingly against the progressive candidate: Republicans. But members of this progressive faction did not lash out at Republicans. They instead directed their ire at another group, defined by race and sex. They lashed out at white women.

And their vitriol surprised many observers. It reached its apotheosis in a graphic tweet by the actress Heather Matarazzo. “What the fuck is wrong with you fellow white ladies???!!!!!” she demanded. “May you choke to death on the white supremacist patriarchal cock.”

It’s hard to conjure a more counterproductive approach to intersectional feminism than for one white woman to shout insults at other white women based on the results of a single Senate race fought between two men.

Yet that tweet was inspired by this widely circulated CNN image:

[snip image, which you can (Link): view here]

The conversation that chart provoked captures the distortions of identity politics, as its presently practiced by an influential faction of progressives.

Overall, white women in 2018 split their votes evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

That Ted Cruz improved substantially on national partisan voting patterns is explained by the composition of the Texas electorate—not by any generalized trait of white womanhood in America.

The votes of white women varied widely by region, religious identity, and educational background, among other salient variables.

To lash out at “white women” based on the CNN chart is to express hostility to the 39 percent of white women in Texas who voted for the Democrat yet get stereotyped with the rest of their cohort, while ignoring the 71 percent of white men, 39 percent of Latino men, 34 percent of Latino women, 16 percent of black men, and 4 percent of black women who voted for the Republican.

The principle at work: Let us judge them not on the content of their votes, but by the candidate who was backed by a majority of the people who share their skin color. In this way, Democrats turn on their own allies.
(end excerpts)

The author continues:

Some conservatives insist that performative, hyperbolic white-woman bashing is broadly representative of the Democratic Party and the political left. It is not.
(end excerpts)

Are you totally sure of that? Because it seems quite trendy among liberals to complain about how white women vote, when white women vote for Republicans.

-Read the rest of that page (Link): here, on the Atlantic

From Slate, February 2019:

(Link): Equal-Opportunity Evil

by Rebecca Onion

A new history reveals that for female slaveholders, the business of human exploitation was just as profitable—and brutal—as it was for men.

…While writing her book, Jones-Rogers read Hitler’s Furies, Wendy Lower’s history about Nazi women’s participation in genocide on the Eastern Front during World War II.

“One of the arguments Lower makes is, the reason why we may be shocked is, we hold onto this hope that at least one half of humanity still has some good in it,” Jones-Rogers says. “We need some part of humanity to have this inherent, natural empathy. When we find out women can be just as vicious and atrocious, it’s very disillusioning. Because who else is left?”
(end excerpts)

I am concerned that liberals will use material such as that to further their troubling anti-white woman agenda in the current day.

On the plus side, that work breaks down sexist stereotypes perpetuated by Christian complementarian (and secular) men that all women are nurturing, caring, delicate flowers.

I’m glad I’ve never been a liberal.

Rebuttals / Critiques of the Concept White Fragility

This is less a rebuttal / critique and more of a summary of the concept:
(Link): Are Individualism, Objectivity, and Opposition to Racism Racist? by Rich Lowry

(Link): The Myth of White Fragility and How Social Justice Warriors Fail To Understand Their Critics

(Link): The Epistemological Problem of White Fragility Theory

(Link): The Problem with ‘White Fragility’ Theory by Jonathan Church

Rebuttals / Critiques of White Privilege

This concept is somewhat related:

I actually disagree with Shapiro being so very dismissive of people’s feelings, but he does raise a few good points in this video:

(Link – video on You Tube):
Ben Shapiro Destroys the Concept of White Privilege

As I find more articles or editorials discussing the hatred, blame, or mocking of white women (especially of white Republican or conservative women) by liberals, I would like to add links to them to this post. Or, maybe I should just make a “part 2” post to this one?

This post has been edited to add new links

Related, Off Site:

(Link): A Beginner’s Curriculum on Critical Race Theory

(Link): Wokeness and Its Not-at-all-racist Doctrines of Disempowerment

(Link): Critical Race Theory is a Victimization Cult

(Link): Don’t Demonize Trump Voters

(Link): NYT Uses “Becky” Racial Slur For White Women Again

(Link): Does women of color using the term “Becky” when referring to white women deprive white women of their humanity?

(Link): Patricia Heaton shreds Women’s March’s ‘white women’ tweet: ‘I know this is hard for you to grasp’


….Ms. Heaton fired back in a tweet Wednesday night, saying “women of all kinds” are rejecting the Democratic Party because of its stance on issues like abortion.

 I know this is hard for you to grasp, but women of all kinds who are pro-science and anti-violence don’t believe that ending the life of your developing son or daughter in your womb is liberating or progressive. It’s tyrannical and barbaric.

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) November 8, 2018

The reaction to Ms. Heaton’s tweet thus far has been largely positive.

(Link): ‘If I were you, I wouldn’t take it!’ Wendy Williams says Beyonce’s ‘Becky’ is a ‘slur’ against white women 

(Link): An Open Letter To People Who Call Girls “Becky”


by Hannah (not Becky) Ellenhorn

….According to USA Today, “Becky” is term that refers to “a generic woman, generally white, who is familiar with sexual acts.” So even though Queen B has popularized it, “Becky” has been a thing for a while now.

Now, people think that it is totally okay to refer to “white girls” as “Beckys.” Because “white girls” are privileged, ditsy, good-for-nothing, Beckys. They don’t deserve to be called by their names because “Becky” seems to be synonymous with any “white girl” name — whatever “white girl” name means.
(end excerpts)

Another take on the topic:

(Link): Yes ‘Becky’ IS A Racial Slur (But That’s REALLY None Of My Business)


….Newsflash: People who have been abused in the past can ABSOLUTELY act abusively towards others.

The same holds true for any form of racial, religious, and gender-related hate speech and discrimination.

If you use someone’s race as the basis for an insult, you are making a racial slur, and you are behaving in an abusive, racist fashion

(Link): Jada Pinkett Smith Admits to Struggling with Bias: ‘Blonde Hair on White Women Just Triggers Me’


Nov 2018

Jada Pinkett Smith is revealing what “triggers” her about white women.

…“I was going to do an interview with this blonde woman and I thought twice about it. I thought, ‘I don’t know if I want to do that.’ That was my first instinct because of how she looked! And I was like, ‘Oh! That’s no different.’ That doesn’t give me the right to clump all blonde women in one,” she continued. “And look at me, I got blonde hair! It’s no different than you getting robbed by a black guy once and now you’re saying all black dudes are thieves and dangerous.”

Pinkett Smith then invited Red Table Talk producer Annie Price to the table to share her opinion on the racial divide between white women and women of color.

“Any time I want to have a conversation [about race] I’m afraid I’m going to offend somebody just by starting to talk,” Price said. “I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing.”

She continued, “I hear a lot of times that white women have privilege and they need to recognize they have privilege. I’m sure I do. I just haven’t had the experience to recognize that I have the privilege. I don’t understand the feeling of racism. I feel a lot of times trying to be friends or trying to reach out to women of color, sometimes I feel like they don’t want to be my friend.”

Pinkett Smith said she believed “there is something unique” about “why black women and white women have such a difficult time [talking to each other].”

“We, even as black women, have to be willing to look at our biases that keep us from being able to bridge the gap,” she added.

Left leaning site “Slate” is sticking to the narrative that Democrats only object to white men – not so; they are now hostile to white women too.

(Link): Democrats have made one thing very clear about 2020: They’re over white men.

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(Link): Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

(Link): Flags Worthy of Contempt and Should Be Burned at Protests (if you’re into protests)

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