Actor Stephen Baldwin, Who is Married, Christian, and a Father, Accused of Having a Two Year Extra-Marital Affair

Actor Stephen Baldwin, Who is Married, Christian, and a Father, Accused of Having a Two Year Extra-Marital Affair

A few days ago, I saw headlines about a woman claiming that actor Stephen Baldwin had an affair with her for two years. I saw another headline where Baldwin is denying this.

I think it’s probably true. Several years ago, Baldwin was a frequent guest on Christian TBN, on various shows.

He was, at least for a time, making “extreme sports” films aimed at teens and with a Christian message.

Baldwin seemed to be one of those “family values” type of guys.

Over the duration of my life, I have listened to so many Christians, and so many secular conservatives, rail against liberals for not supporting traditional values or the “nuclear family.”

I’ve listened to other conservatives (yes, I am also a conservative) complain about how liberals or the culture doesn’t support (hetero) marriage.

I’ve also sat through sermons, or have seen blog posts and articles online, where conservatives and Christians, go on and on about how important (hetero) marriage is, and they insultingly conflate adult maturity with marriage. They will argue that adult singles are not as mature as married adults. Some Christians also mistakenly believe that married people are more godly, responsible, or sexually pure than adult singles – all of which is not true.

Reports such as this one (and I think it is true) – about conservative, married men who are also fathers who claim to be Christian – demonstrates that being married, embracing family values, and being a parent, does not make a man more decent, godly, sexually pure, or responsible than it does someone who is single, childfree or childless.

(Link): The born-again Christian was seen on video getting cozy with a masseuse.

The born-again Christian was seen on video getting cozy with a masseuse.


(Link): Stephen Baldwin Denies Having an Affair With Masseuse Ruth Perez Anselmi 

(Link): Stephen Baldwin Denies Reports He’s Having An Affair After Incriminating Photos Emerge

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: ‘I love Stephen but he wants to keep me secret.’ Baldwin’s mistress tells DailyMailTV of their two-year affair, the 15 ‘sexual fantasies’ they acted out and how the actor ‘disguised himself as a homeless man’ to sneak around together

by R P West, Nov 2018

Ruth Perez Anselmi, 39, says she and Stephen Baldwin began a sexual relationship during his business trips to LA

The married actor, 52, met Anselmi at a Reseda physical therapy school in the summer of 2016 in LA where she was learning how to be a masseuse

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV she said: ‘I guess I love Stephen but we can’t be together, he wants to keep me secret ‘

She said the two ‘made a list of 15 sexual fantasies’ including role-play, using sex toys, threesome sex with another woman, and she once even dressed as a man

During their furtive meetings, Ansemli revealed Baldwin would wear a baseball cap and glasses or pretend to be a ‘homeless man’

Anselmi said she eventually learned Baldwin was married and grew tired of hiding around

The Latin American beauty who had a two-year affair with married actor Stephen Baldwin has revealed how they made a list of 15 sexual fantasies and fulfilled them during steamy trysts at hotels and her Los Angeles apartment.

Professional masseuse and musician Ruth Perez Anselmi told DailyMailTV she fell in love with New York-based Baldwin during his regular visits to her hometown of Los Angeles for work.

And she reveals how The Usual Suspects star was so desperate to keep their affair secret he disguised himself and sometimes pretended to be homeless in a bid to sneak into her apartment undetected.

But Baldwin, 52, was caught red-handed by DailyMailTV having secret trysts with brunette Anselmi – cheating on his loyal wife of 28-years, Kennya.

Born Again Christian Baldwin, whose model daughter Hailey is married to pop superstar Justin Bieber, was caught on camera sneaking into his mistress’ luxury apartment building on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood late at night and meeting regularly with Anselmi for sex in hotels during business trips to LA.

Venezuelan Anselmi, 38, said: ‘I fell in love with Stephen, he is a super nice man and he is a great lover.

‘We have been seeing each other for two years and became very close.

‘We talked about our sexual fantasies. That’s why we are together because he said, “I will make all your fantasies happen, anything you want,” and that’s what we were doing.

‘We made a list of 15 sexual fantasies that we were working through step by step because we want to be comfortable.

‘One day we do one fantasy, the other day we do number two.’

Anselmi revealed their fantasies included role-play, using sex toys and threesome sex with another woman – he even asked his mistress to dress in male clothing during one sexual encounter.

‘He wanted for me to dress as a man, which I did, I wanted to have a threesome with a woman and we were planning to do that with one of my friends – unfortunately he won’t get to do that with me now.’

….‘Stephen he never told me that he was married, never. He just told me that he had a daughter and showed me the picture, she’s very pretty, he is very proud.

….’Everyone has sex in a relationship but he was super sweet, he’s taking care of me very well,’ she said.

But she claims she once had to take Plan B – a pill to prevent pregnancy – after they had unprotected sex.

‘For me the sex was getting better because I was having feelings, I feel more relaxed, more open,’ she says.

‘That’s why it make me angry that he has a wife because he is so nice, he even asked if he could live here.

…I guess I am Stephen Baldwin’s secret mistress, but not any longer.’

She added: ‘He needs to be focused with his family and he maybe shouldn’t take advantage of other persons.

…DailyMailTV caught Baldwin out after receiving a tip about his infidelity.

We caught the actor visiting Anselmi’s posh three-bed apartment on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood twice in recent weeks.

Our team filmed him entering Anselmi’s apartment building with the beauty on his arm after midnight on October 12.

…And DailyMailTV has also seen a flurry of intimate text messages between the two.

Baldwin’s affair will undoubtedly rock his marriage to loyal wife Kennya.

And the actor’s hypocrisy runs deep.

Baldwin turned to Jesus Christ after 9/11 and he and his wife, who he has called a ‘Jesus freak’ in interviews, are passionately religious and have given themselves to God.

The evangelical Christian often speaks of the virtues of marriage and family – he met Kennya in 1987 and they married three years later and have two girls together, Alaia, 25, and Hailey, 21, who both work as models.

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