Mother Sexually Abused Her Own Infant Son While Breastfeeding Him And Video Taping It

Mother Sexually Abused Her Own Infant Son While Breastfeeding Him And Video Taping It

The link to the news story is much farther below.

If I am understanding this article correctly, this woman sexually abused her own infant son as she was breastfeeding him, took video of it, and uploaded the video somewhere.

In the article, she says she made these child sex abuse videos because she has low self esteem because the father of the infant son she was abusing dumped her – he left her.

I grew up hearing from Christians – Christians in churches I went to, in Christian literature, and even now, sometimes I see on Christian magazine sites and blogs, that the nuclear family, marriage, and kids are all-important are the only things that can fix American culture.

Further, a lot of conservative Christians will teach that marriage and parenthood are necessary to make a person a true, full adult. They will teach that anyone who remains single and/or childless has stunted development, is immature, ungodly,  and irresponsible.

I have many examples on my blog, by way of news articles going back several years (you can access those links on (Link): this page of the blog), that even married people and parents engage in sexual sin, child abuse, and other sins and crimes, which demonstrate that marriage and being a parent do not necessarily make a person mature, ethical, godly, or responsible.

Jesus of Nazareth, one of the main founders of the Christian faith, never married and never had children, yet I seldom see the marriage and parenthood idolizers in the Christian faith take note of that.

If having biological children or being married were supposedly necessary to be sanctified, godly, mature, and all the rest, then why did Jesus of Nazareth remain single and childless?

Obviously the God of the Bible does not place the extreme emphasis upon marriage and having children that so many Christians do.

(Link): ‘I’M NO MONSTER’ Piano teacher who filmed vile fetish videos of her breastfeeding baby while sexually abusing the tot is jailed for ten years


Nov 21, 2018

After making sordid videos, including one titled ‘Mommy’s a Whore’, a Florida woman said she felt ‘ashamed’ of the sexualised breastfeeding footage

by Debbie White

A PIANO teacher has been caged for ten years after filming vile fetish videos of her breastfeeding her baby while sexually abusing him.

Single mum Leigh Felten, 34, of Tallahassee, Florida, was convicted of lewd lascivious performance, a second-degree felony according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

In October, the teacher, who works with special needs children, was found not guilty of 33 of the 34 capital sexual battery charges she was originally facing.

However, Assistant State Attorney Lorena Vollrath-Bueno has filed 37 new counts of aggravated possession of child pornography as a result of the videos, which were sold online.

 Felten told a jury in October that she felt “ashamed” of making 10 sexualised breastfeeding videos, including two titled “Mommy’s a Whore” and “Good Little Boy”.

Her defence lawyers said the videos constituted free speech.

At her trial, Felten said she had low self-esteem after being dumped by the father of her child, and she started making videos with her 18-month-old son.


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