Bridezilla Demands Weight-Based Dress Code For Guests

Bridezilla Demands Weight-Based Dress Code For Guests

People like this make weddings a chore. I’d rather avoid weddings. If I ever get married, I don’t think I want a big, fancy ass wedding.

Edit: after seeing the updated story, where the Bride is now saying she wants all her guests to take a polygraph test, and she rants quite a bit, I’ve reached the conclusion that she’s spoiled, bratty, and a great big bitch. I would not want to attend her wedding under any circumstances.

How does a terrible cow like this woman sending out these Facebook posts manage to snag a husband and yet I’m single?

There is no way in hell I would behave this way if I were getting married, not even had I gotten married in my 20s – I would not make huge, picky demands of my guests and throw conniption fits as this woman is doing.

(Link): Bridezilla Demands Weight-Based Dress Code For Guests

(Update to the above story: (Link): Bride who was shamed for weight-based dress code says she’ll hold a polygraph party to find out who snitched)

(Link): Bridezilla Demands Weight-Based Dress Code For Guests


By Christian Gollayan

An anonymous bride is drawing social media outrage after uploading a Facebook post demanding her guests follow a weight-based dress code for her “24K”-themed wedding.

On Wednesday, a screenshot of the note was (Link): uploaded on Reddit. The bridezilla wrote that she’s planning a destination wedding in Hawaii in 2019, and wants her guests to partake in “synchronized dancing” along an unnamed beach.

“The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect,” the post reads.

Women between 100 and 160 pounds are asked to wear orange suede pants, Louboutin heels and Burberry Scarves. Females who are over 160 pounds are required to sport all-black sweaters, pants and heels. Meanwhile, kids are required to wear “red from head to toe” as they will be forming a heart-shaped dance routine.

“It needs to be true red not blood orange or some bull—t!” she wrote in the post.

After the dance, the bride asked guests to wear formal attire that’s worth at least $1,000.

“Remember this venue is extremely upscale, and we want to be looking our absolute BEST ladies and gents,” she said. “If you look like trash, so will we … this wedding is 24k themed for a reason.”

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