Dear Advice Lady: My Boyfriend is a Fattie and I Feel Like His Mom

Dear Advice Lady: My Boyfriend is a Fattie and I Feel Like His Mom

About the letter below that some woman in a troubled relationship wrote to an advice columnist:

I just love how so many men fool themselves into thinking that women don’t care about what men look like – because we do.

This is ten times more true in Christian culture, especially within churches and denominations that teach that sexist, idiotic “complementarianism” drivel, where the pastors will browbeat the women to stay thin and pretty because supposedly all men are visually “wired by God”
(note: no, they’re not; men are socially conditioned by culture, including Playboy magazine, on what to find attractive in women),
so Christians guilt and pressure Christian women into starving themselves and being obsessed with their looks.

But one never hears Christian pastors explaining to Christian men, both single and married, that women, yes, even Christian women, appreciate a man with a sexy, smokin’ hot bod. No, you Christian men never get told that. You’re told this big, fat lie that all Christian women look for is a “godly man who reads his Bible and loves Jesus.” LOL. No. That is not reality.

Complementarians have falsely convinced some men (and maybe even some women) that women are asexual beings who are never, ever interested in sex or in what men look like.

I broke up with my ex fiance’ because I felt like his mother, among other reasons. I ended up having to be the responsible one in that relationship, and he expected me to take care of him and fix many of his problems.

After awhile, I felt more like his mother than a life partner.

Anyway, here is the letter.

(Link): Dear Advice Lady: My Boyfriend is a Fattie and I Feel Like His Mom

By Deidre Sanders, Agony Aunt

[Dear Advice Lady]
ME and my partner got together very quickly but I now think it was a mistake. I feel more like his mum than his lover.

I moved in with him and his parents after just a month together and his mother did everything for him.

Now we’ve got our own place and I have to do everything.

Sex is rubbish too. I was raped years ago by a guy I was dating which still affects me and I don’t find my partner attractive any more.

 He’s put on weight and makes no effort to look good. We’re 29 – too young to give up like this.

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