Cathy The Single Woman Asks Pat Robertson Why God Has Not Replied to Her Prayers for Years to Send Her a Spouse

Cathy The Single Woman Asks Pat Robertson Why God Has Not Replied to Her Prayers for Years to Send Her a Spouse

On the December 10, 2018 episode of Christian program “The 700 Club,” (which you can view (Link): on You Tube here, the letter comes at 45.27 mark in the video) some single lady wrote to Pat Robertson (adult singles, (Link): stop writing Pat Robertson with your relationship questions, you will seldom get an empathetic reply!), and she said,

[Dear Pat],
I have been asking God for a godly husband for years, but it hasn’t happened yet.  So does that mean God doesn’t want me to be married?

Pat Robertson basically tells Cathy that he doesn’t know what to say, but he tacks on his standard “God puts the lonely in families” reply, which I’ve discussed before on this blog: the truth is that no, despite that Bible verse about God putting the lonely in families, that is not true.

I’m a woman who is past the age of 45, I’ve never been married, the only person I was close to, my mother, died several years ago, and God never did send me a friend, husband, or boyfriend I could lean on emotionally.

So, does God “put the lonely (i.e., some adult singles) into families? The answer to that question is a flat NO.

Christians should be doing more to help Christian adult singles who’d like to marry to marry (and also provide help and community for adult singles so long as those single adults remain single).

Christians should stop bashing  and shaming singles for being single, elevating marriage to idol status, but then sit back and refuse to help marriage-desiring singles to get married – which a lot of them do. Many Christians wrongly think that fixing up one single with another single will “turn church into a meat market.”

Thank God this woman did NOT say what her age is, because had she told Robertson she is past the age of 40, Robertson has an ugly tendency to shame women over age 40 who’d like to marry.

Robertson will accuse single women over the age of 40 who’d like to be married of being or sounding “desperate.”

Anyway, here is the video embedded with Cathy’s letter, which comes in the last 15 minutes of the show, and you can hear Robertson’s useless advice to her:

(Link): The 700 Club – December 10, 2018

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