Serial Rapist Used Job As Photographer to Drug and Attack Male Models

Serial Rapist Used Job As Photographer to Drug and Attack Male Models

(Link): Nigel Wilkinson: Drug rape photographer guilty of more attacks

(Link): Convicted rapist Nigel Wilkinson revealed he had ‘many more victims’ to prison inmate, court hears

(Link): Rapist photographer who preyed on male models ‘liked robbing their masculinity’

(Link): Serial Rapist Used Job As Photographer to Drug and Attack Male Models


December 18, 2018

A serial rapist used his job as a fitness photographer to ‘lure men to his house where he drugged and raped them’. Nigel Wilkinson, 45, was found guilty of nine offences against six men at court today.

He was jailed for 11 and a half years in 2016 after admitting two counts of rape and three counts of administering a substance with intent to rape.

[More men came forward to police to say they were victims of this person]

….Today, a judge at Bristol Crown Court found him guilty of a further count of rape, five more counts of administering drugs and three counts of voyeurism.

During the trial the jury heard Wilkinson say in a Skype conversation: ‘I get a kick out of robbing a straight guy out of his masculinity.’

…He’s now been convicted of offences against a total of nine men between 2014 and 2016.

‘He used his pseudo business Wilko Photography to attract men interested in fitness modelling,’ DI Hunt explained. ‘He would contact men via social media to arrange a photo shoot in Bristol, offering them a fee and expenses and encouraging them to stay over at his house.’

When his victims arrived at the makeshift home studio Wilkinson would ply them with drinks spiked with sedatives before raping them and taking pictures.


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