Woman, Age 86, Beats Her 89 Year Old Husband To Death With A Cane

Woman, Age 86, Beats Her 89 Year Old Husband To Death With A Cane

I really do want conservative think tanks, pro-family groups, conservative television host Tucker Carlson, and complementarian or conservative Christians to explain to me how marriage or “the family” makes society better, or how marriage is necessary to make a person mature, godly, or a “true” adult,  when I keep seeing so many news stories of married people who kill each other, or news items about husbands who are caught using child porn, beating their wives, or visiting prostitutes.

Marriage did not do anything to make this woman behave in a godly, mature, kind-hearted nature towards her husband.

I am someone who is over the age of 45, I’ve never been married, and I deeply resent conservative talk show hosts or “pro-family” Christian groups who keep acting as though everyone needs to be married, and if they are not, they are ruining society or are incapable of being godly and mature.

The Bible teaches that being single is fine with God – see 1 Corinthians chapter 7. No where does the Bible teach that marriage is mandatory for any reason – not to “save” culture or to make people more “godly.”

This article says that the wife may have dementia or mental health problems – well, did marriage keep this woman from developing mental health issues? No, it did not.

Christians and conservatives need to stop holding marriage or “the family” up as some kind of magical fix-alls.

(Link): Woman, Age 86, Beats Her 89 Year Old Husband To Death With A Cane

An elderly Florida woman beat her husband to death with a cane on Saturday, police said.

Ramona Maxine Lund, 86, from Pace, is charged with 89-year-old Francis Lund’s murder,the Orlando Sentinel reported. She is the oldest person in the county to be charged with murder, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said at a press conference Monday.

Ramona is being held on $250,000 bond in the Santa Rosa County Jail’s infirmary until police can determine whether she suffers from dementia, Santa Rosa County sheriff’s officials told the Pensacola News Journal.

A neighbor, who is not being identified, called police after seeing Francis on the floor of the Lunds’ front porch while Ramona towered over him, cops said.

…When cops got to the scene, they found parts of a bloody cane on the sofa as well as by the front door. They also discovered a bloody nightgown on the couch and noticed Ramona was covered in blood. Francis’ wounds’ were consistent with being beaten with a cane, officials said.

If Ramona is found to have dementia, it could potentially warrant an insanity defense in a criminal case, the Pensacola News Journal reported.

“Based on observations of my investigators, as well as other personnel, when you interact with her on a personal level, when you ask her questions, it’s clear that she’s confused,” Johnson said at the press conference.

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