Pastor Accused of Choking Woman Pregnant With His Child at Southside Impact Church

Pastor Accused of Choking Woman Pregnant With His Child at Southside Impact Church

Lessons from this news story:

  • Equally Yoked is crap. Christian men are not necessarily more godly, mature, reliable, responsible than Non-Christian men, so single Christian women who’d like to marry should consider marrying Non-Christians
  •  Marriage does not make people more godly, mature, or sexually ethical – as so many Christians teach it does (assuming the guy in the story is or was married)
  • You do not have to obtain perfection or some lofty ideal before God will permit you to get married (many Christians teach if you’d like to marry but still find yourself single, it’s because God is intentionally with-holding a spouse from you because he’s preparing you, getting you ready, making you more Godly – all a bunch of bunk)

Even more atrocious is that this idiot markets himself as a “relationship expert” and has written dating or marital advice books for women! He’s an utter hypocrite.

The article keeps referring to the woman in the story as the “mother of so- and- so’s children,” so I take it they were not married, which I guess, means this preacher was guilty of fornication (sex outside of marriage)?

(Link): Pastor Accused of Choking Woman Pregnant With His Child at Southside Impact Church


Jan 2019
by L. Blair

Rashan Lamar Wilson, lead pastor of Southside Impact Church in Charleston, South Carolina, was arrested and charged Monday for allegedly strangling the pregnant mother of his children until she passed out.

Wilson is the author of books such as “99 & 1/2 Things A Woman Needs From Her Man: How To Establish and Maintain a Healthy Relationship.”

A WCSC news report said Wilson, 35, was charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

He was released on a $20,000 surety bond and was ordered not to contact the victim who court documents say is eight weeks pregnant with his child. He also cannot leave South Carolina.

According to his Facebook page Wilson, who’s also a relationship expert, is married to Dashonna Wilson and they have three children together, an online biography says.

Court documents explain that Wilson was at Southside Baptist Church Monday night when the victim arrived to drop off their children.

…David Aylor, Wilson’s attorney and friend, told The Post and Courier that Wilson is known as an upstanding and helpful member of the his church and wider community. He also said he believes the pastor will be exonerated.

…Wilson’s online biography describes him as “a seasoned prophet and seer.”

“The impression and signs that follow his meetings are lasting. … He is a young man full of the spirit of wisdom, faith, strength, and power. His life exemplifies the methodism of holiness through integrity. Thousands of souls have been led to Christ during the course of his ministry life,” it says.

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