Spurned Virgin Man Arrested in Utah for Threatening to Go on Shooting Rampage and Kill ‘As Many Girls as I See’ by David Edwards 

Spurned VirginMan Arrested in Utah for Threatening to Go on Shooting Rampage and Kill ‘As Many Girls as I See’ by David Edwards

Oh give me a break. I too am single, I’m also a virgin, would like to be in a relationship (of the romantic variety), but you don’t see me acting entitled to a man, and consequently going on shooting rampages because men are not asking me out on dates.

(Link): Spurned Man Arrested in Utah for Threatening to Go on Shooting Rampage and Kill ‘As Many Girls as I See’ by David Edwards

A spurned Denver man was taken into custody over the weekend after he allegedly threatened to kill “as many girls as I see.”

The Gephardt Daily reported that 27-year-old Christopher Wayne Cleary was (Link): arrested by Provo police in connection to threats made on Facebook.

 (Link): 27-year-old arrested in Provo after alleged threats against ‘as many girls as I see’


PROVO, Utah, Jan. 20, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A 27-year-old Provo man has been arrested after he allegedly wrote on his Facebook page that he was going to kill “as many girls as I see,” because he had been rejected.

….The statement said that in the early morning hours of Saturday, Provo Police dispatch was contacted by an officer out of Colorado regarding Cleary, and was given information about threats allegedly being posted to Facebook by the suspect.

The following threat was posted to his Facebook page, the statement said:

“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1,000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that. All I wanted was to be loved, yet no one cares about me I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I’m still a virgin, this is why I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter cause I’m ready to die and all the girls the turned me down is going to make it right by killing as many girls as I see.”

He also allegedly posted: “There’s nothing more dangerous than man ready to die.”

Officers were provided with an IP address that led them to an address in Provo, but Cleary was not there. The arresting officer was then contacted by a member of the FBI, who was in contact with FBI agents out of Colorado.

…Previous to making contact with Cleary, the Provo officer had spoken with a Utah County attorney about whether the alleged statements on Facebook constituted a “threat of terrorism.” It was concluded that they did, because of the threat to commit an offense involving bodily injury and death (“killing as many girls as I see”), and specifically mentioning “shooting up a public place soon,” the probable cause statement said.

“An additional concern had to do with several Women’s Marches taking place in various locations throughout the state today, including a march in Provo, and another in Salt Lake City,” the statement went on.

The suspect is being held without bail.

(Link): Angry virgin, 27, ‘threatened to massacre women because he couldn’t get a girlfriend’

‘The probation office contacted me and let me know that this is a pattern of behavior with Cleary where he is on probation for felony stalking and threatening of women,’ said the probable cause statement from Utah County. 

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