French Author Yann Moix, 50, Says Women Over 50 Are ‘Invisible’ To Him

French Author Yann Moix, 50, Says Women Over 50 Are ‘Invisible’ To Him

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I’m not 50 years old – the big 5-0 is a few years away for me – but – I have no desire to date people such as this Moix guy, who is, I think over age 50 himself. I’ve seen his photo on sites – he is not attractive.

When I was in my 20s, I was creeped out by any guy more than five years my senior who took a fancy to me. And I sometimes, yes, had guys older than me hit on me. It was gross.

I wonder if this guy actually gets any dates with anyone?

Here’s the article:

(Link): French Author Yann Moix, 50, Says Women Over 50 Are ‘Invisible’ To Him

Yann Moix’s comments about being “incapable” of loving women over his own age has sparked furious backlash online.

A prize-winning French author faced backlash online after he reportedly declared he was “incapable” of loving women over the age of 50 because they are “too old” and “invisible” to him.

Yann Moix, who is 50 himself, told Marie Claire magazine’s French edition that he preferred the bodies of younger women, according to multiple media reports.

“The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary,” said Moix, who is also a television presenter. “The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

Journalist Colombe Schneck, 52, shared and then deleted a photograph of her buttocks to Instagram in response to his comments. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” she captioned the snap.

Some tweeters taunted Moix with images of celebrities he now wouldn’t be able to date:

(visit their page to view their tweets)


(Link): French writer Yann Moix claims women over 50 ‘too old’ to love

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(Link): Ridicule for French writer Yann Moix, 50, who claims women aged 50 are ‘too old’ to love, and that he prefers them young and Asian 

(Link): French author Yann Moix says he ‘cannot stand’ dating white western women

A French author who said women over 50 are “too old” to love has prompted more outrage after claiming he “cannot stand” dating white western women.

Yann Moix, a 50-year-old writer, made headlines after claiming women his own age “don’t bring him anything in the intimacy of a relationship” and said he preferred “the body of a 25-year-old”.

 In an interview with The Times this week, he refused to apologise for his remarks and instead promised “an even bigger scandal” by sharing more of his views on women.

…The TV presenter was criticised for being ageist, misogynistic and anti-feminist following his original comments.

But he told The Times that he spoke out after being questioned on his lack of stable partner or family.

He also tried to defend them by saying he was immature and that women over 50 are not attracted to him either.

(Link): I’m not 50, but it’s a relief to be invisible to men like Yann Moix  by Eva Wisemen

Jan 20, 2019

The French novelist’s sexist, ageist, racist remarks caused offence – yet there’s some unexpected comfort in what he said

….Which is why I basked in 50-year-old French author Yann Moix’scomments about how women stop being attractive after the age of 25.

Questioned after his initial Marie Claire interview came out, where he said it wasn’t possible to love a woman over the age of 50 – “Too, too old. The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all” – he decided to double down, further explaining he was only attracted to Asian women, because they offer an “extraordinary link with another cosmos”.

Outraged, thousands shared photos of Halle Berry andJennifer Aniston, as well as their own pert bodies, leading him to plead to theTimes: “I would like 50-year-old women to stop sending me photos of their bottoms and breasts.” Which seems fair.

Because why should anybody attempt to change his mind?

Not only should we laugh at the arrogance of his bumptious racist sexism, but we should celebrate his point – that a moment comes in woman’s lives when they no longer have to engage with men like Moix.

Until you are invisible to men like this, your body is theirs. You only get it back when they no longer find you sexy – and that is a relief like no other.

How wonderful to walk down the street, whether in tight dress or muumuu (recently I have been wearing a lot of corduroy boiler suits) and not be constantly reassuring yourself, stiff-backed, not turning yourself into a human shield against strange men’s judgments, a running director’s commentary on how not to be a woman.

(Link): Take it from me, Yann Moix: You’d be mad to date a 20-something

by Verity Johnson

…You hear it a lot though, this idea that 20-somethings are perched on the pedestal at the top of a man’s dating pyramid. (Women wisely never put young dudes at the top of the dating pyramid. Presumably because they have taken into account how unsexy someone is when they think it’s OK to wear dirty underwear the next day by turning it inside out. Yummy.)

But the myth is definitely still alive and well in dating culture. Hang out with a 20-something woman in any bar expensive enough to require you wear lace-up shoes, and you’ll hear a guy say, “I’m just not attracted to women my own age, I’m only attracted to women like you in their 20s.”

He will inevitably be a 45-plus man called Steven, who’s divorced with two teenage kids he doesn’t see much of, and a pristine white Jeep he sees a whole lot of.

He’ll even show you photos of the Jeep so you can see it too. He may even, if you’re truly blessed, call you in the morning so you can listen to the sound of it turning on.

I promise it is not flattering to be confronted by that guy who puts time stamps on how many years you have left before you fall into spinstery, irrelevant, dying-alone-with-feral-cats-eating-our-face obscurity. Charmant.

But mostly it just makes me laugh because you don’t really want to date someone my age. It’s one of those things dudes say all the time without having actually realised the practical implications of it.

It’s like wanting a cute puppy, only to dump it at the SPCA two months later when you realise how much work it is.

Have you tried dating a 20-something? We’re hard work. I’m 24, and I wouldn’t date me.

For a start, we’re not exactly house-trained. You may think you’ll spend the majority of the relationship having ecstatic sex while listening to like, totally lit music.

You’ll actually spend it walking around after us picking up a trail of wet towels that we decided to discard in surprise locations two days ago. Rusting hairpins will breed in your rain-head shower, dirty clothes will multiply on your bespoke leather couches and you will be eating canned tuna for dinner, with chopsticks, from a shoe.

We’re fresh out of either living with our parents or shared houses, where everything was done for us by the washing fairy or no-one cared if it wasn’t. So there’s a certain level of obliviousness that isn’t often compatible with the domestic bliss that Steven and his Jeep expect.

Even if they were willing to put in the emotional labour of teaching us to be adult – often unlikely, given the aforementioned estranged relationship with their own children – have you ever considered how boring it’s going to be?

Anyone who knows anything about happy relationships will tell you that it’s personality, not looks or even intelligence, that’s the strongest guarantee of a good relationship.

And while we may be nice, we’re also raging hot-20s-messes of insecurity, confusion and permanent panic over whether the girl at work (who I don’t like but I want to like me) was upset by the too-casual smiley face emoji I used in a work email last Tuesday … Maybe you want a relationship filled with hour-long emoji angst rants, but it bores even me to tears, and I have to listen to it because it’s on loop in my own head.

And I know that the great retort to all of this is that we make you feel young. Dating a millennial makes you feel like you get a second bash at youthful freedom.

But the irony is that, if you’re that insecure about your age, then you’ll be hypersensitive to every time we don’t know what Space Invaders is. So really you’ll spend your life tripping over conversations that make you feel about as young and hip as dial-up internet.

So if you want to feel good about yourself, take up Zumba​ – it’s less work, more rewarding and you’ll probably meet a fellow over-40-year-old who’ll make you happy.

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