The Hitch With Getting Married Late In Life – Woman Marries for First Time At Age 62


The Hitch With Getting Married Late In Life – Woman Marries for First Time At Age 62

(Link): The Hitch With Getting Married Late In Life – Woman Marries for First Time At Age 62


When you announce you’re getting married you get all sorts of excited and even envious reactions: unsolicited ideas from various Weddings R Us people when you Google anything bridal-related, engagement ring scrutiny, helpful advice and party plans from cooing girlfriends – and joyous, even tearful ooh aahs. Right?

Not so much for me. I’m getting married for the first time aged 62 (spinster no kids) to a farmer who is 71 (widower four kids) and the range of reactions has been priceless.

The blokes at the bottom pub on Friday night: “What are you doing that for at your age, you silly old bugger? You won’t be able to do anything with her without those drugs.” Enigmatic smiles and a lot of hand-holding tells its own story there. Same blokes: “You’re not wearing your funeral suit, are ya?”

…Strangers expressed more joy than the people closest to us: the manicurist (“When will I get a ring on my fingers?”); the hairdresser (“There’s hope for me yet”); the coffee shop girl (“Which website did you use?”).

The rest of that article is (Link): here

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