Man Who Tied Concrete To Wife And Threw Her Off Bridge Gets Life In Prison

Man Who Tied Concrete To Wife And Threw Her Off Bridge Gets Life In Prison

(Link): Man Who Tied Concrete To Wife And Threw Her Off Bridge Gets Life In Prison


Feb 2, 2019 by AP

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Texas man who admitted to killing his estranged wife by tying a massive chunk of concrete to her and throwing her off a bridge into a lake has been sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutors in Fort Worth say Rodolfo “Rudy” Arellano pleaded guilty Wednesday to capital murder. He’ll serve life behind bars without chance of parole.

(Link): Texas Mom Killed After Husband Tied Concrete Chunk to Her Neck and Threw Her Off Bridge Into Lake

by Steve Helling

A Texas man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to murder charges after authorities said he tied his wife to a 119-pound block of concrete before throwing her into a lake to drown.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Arellano, 36, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murdering Elizabeth Pule Arellano, according to the Associated Press, the Star-Telegram and NBCDFW. The Fort Worth couple had been high school sweethearts and had four children together.

…By the time Elizabeth’s mother reported her missing to Fort Worth police, the woman had already been found. Her body had been pulled from Lake Worth earlier that day after fishermen reported seeing something falling from the bridge.

In an arrest warrant affidavit first obtained by the Star-Telegram, a detective wrote, “One witness described hearing what sounded like screams on the way down.”

Authorities sent divers into the lake and found Elizabeth’s body. A rope had been tied around her neck. The other end of the rope was attached to a large piece of concrete.

(Link): Man tied 50kg concrete block to wife’s neck before throwing her off bridge into lake

Why I Post These Stories.

A lot of conservative Christians and conservative think tanks operate under this false notion that marriage and/or parenthood are necessary to make a person a full, true adult – to make someone mature, responsible, and godly.

Obviously, marriage and parenthood do not make everyone godly, mature, and caring, since there are so many married parents who commit crimes and sins.

Many of these Christians (and social, secular conservatives) forget or don’t seem to care that Jesus of Nazareth never married, and he never had children, – but they would not argue that Jesus was selfish, immature, or ungodly, but they feel free to argue this in case of all other adult singles.

I have yet to see a Bible verse or biblical concept that says that the “cure” to sin or problems in society is for everyone to marry and have children.


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