Woman Says That A Passenger Air Plane Is Her Boyfriend

Woman Says That A Passenger Air Plane Is Her Boyfriend

(Link): Woman in long-distance relationship with a plane loves his wings and thrusters

by E. Scott, January 2019

Michele Kobke is in love with a plane named Schatz. It’s a long distance relationship, as Schatz often needs to be flown to faraway locations, but Michele makes do by taking a replica of the plane to bed each night.

She hopes that one day, the distance between them will disappear and she and Schatz will be able to get married.

(Link): Woman says 40-ton passenger jet is her BOYFRIEND – and she loves his wings and thrusters


Berlin saleswoman Michele Kobke says ‘I want to marry my sweetheart and live together in a hangar’.

A GERMAN saleswoman enjoys a long distance “relationship” – literally – with a PLANE!

Some might say it’s a terminal condition, but Michele Kobke swears her jumbo-sized affection for the 737-800 Boeing is so strong she wants to MARRY the aircraft and move in with “him”.

The bonkers Berliner, 29, reckons she’s been in a tailspin over the plane for nearly five years.

She’s dubbed it “Schatz” – German for “sweetheart” –  after falling in love with his wings and thrusters.

Sparks apparently flew when she clapped eyes on the plane at Berlin’s Tegel Airport.

She said: “The last time I was in a relationship with a man was in 2011, but there was no love there.

“Schatz is my first love. This is the most beautiful relationship you can imagine.

…“I want to marry my sweetheart and live together in a hangar. It’s a special kind of love and it does not hurt anyone.”

As she pines for Schatz, Michele copes with a no-frills version, by sleeping with a model of the plane in her bed.

…She said: “I sleep with my darling every night, either with real components or 1.6-meter model.

“Intimacy is part of our relationship.

“Since I’m in a long-distance relationship, it is a disadvantage as I can only get to him when I fly with him.

“My family has reacted quite pleasantly and accepted my relationship with my 737-800.

“I get many pejorative comments like that I need to go to therapy or that I am sick.

“But this love is present, and I’ve never been so happy.”


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