Depressing Books And Spiky Plants Could Be Turning Your Home Into A Man Repellent, by R. Reid – Bad Dating Advice

Depressing Books And Spiky Plants Could Be Turning Your Home Into A Man Repellent, by R. Reid – Bad Dating Advice

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read (link is below). A therapist took a look at a single woman’s apartment and told her that her decor could be acting as a “man repellant,” so she told the woman to get rid of pictures of herself, spiky houseplants, and a t-shirt with a woman’s face printed on it.

Most dating advice will admonish you to be yourself, which is good advice. Articles like this one I am quoting below contradict that solid, timeworn advice.

If you are a single woman with your own apartment or home, you’re being told to change it to be more appealing to any men you have over who you are dating.

This is like the advice that tells women to “grow your hair long, because men are turned off by short or medium hair on women.” That is terrible advice.

I’m not saying that all relationship advice is terrible.

For example, I can see how a lot of single men who are still single who complain about being single  are single because they have sexist, entitled ideas about women, and women pick those attitudes up and are turned off by them.

No woman will want to date that kind of guy.

So, I can see how such a man would benefit on working on his sexist ideas and getting rid of them, if he hopes to gain a girlfriend.

I can also see how single adults, of either biological sex, could maybe benefit from staying in shape (lose any extra weight you have), showering daily, wearing deodorant, and brushing one’s teeth daily: most people are not going to want to date someone who is physically unattractive, who has bad breath, or who is stinky.

So there are definitely some ways single adults can be turning others off, and they can perhaps fix those things.

However, I’m not a supporter of these articles that basically tell men and women to change their personal preferences or fundamental things about themselves just in hopes of attracting a mate.

For example, suppose you are a single man who enjoys listening to country music. You should not have to stop listening to country music and start listening to EDM, rock, or whatever, to attract a woman.

Women who prefer wearing short hair styles should not have to change their hair length to longer, to attract a man.

So, if a single woman who lives alone wants to have spiky plants in her apartment, and most men supposedly do not like spiky plants, so be it.

It’s entirely possible that even if a woman follows all the advice in this article that she can still end up single.

(Link): Depressing books and spiky plants could be turning your home into a man repellent

by R. Reid

The women of Twitter are sharing their amusement at a list of tips to avoid your home repelling men.

Writer Liz Hoggard invited interiors therapist into her home to asses her styling after a recent date was apparently unimpressed by it.

Interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon then went through and explained why the house was repelling men.

Liz’s house contains 51 images of single women, which apparently send the message that she is happy on her own and doesn’t want a man in her life.

Suzanne also told Liz that her cactus was ‘too spiky’ and that she should ditch her books with depressing titles such as Little Deaths (which is a great read, by the by) and The Suspect, according to Suzanne: ‘The imagery you have around you needs to be supportive. And strengthening.

…She’s also not best pleased with the idea that Liz has a portrait of herself hanging on the wall. Clothing isn’t exempt either.

She makes Liz throw away a t-shirt with a print of a woman’s face on it, asking her, ‘why would you wear another woman’s face?’

Twitter was predictably amused by the idea that cacti and depressing books were the way to make men avoid you, with many people vowing to spend their next pay cheque on spikey plants and depressing books.

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